Thursday, May 03, 2007

what is.....

What does it take to be a Master?
The truth is that we already are. A few thoughts from Dr. Meg.

A Master has accepted him or herself as who and

what they are.

A Master has humbly accepted his or her assignments

within their journey with no strings attached, no what ifs and no

looking back to the past.

A Master embodies the Living Truth with no drama,

no trauma, in every moment that they are.

A Master embodies personal integrity.

This doesn't mean how honest we are in the world,

but how honest we are with ourselves.

Self deception is one of the greatest causes of fear.

We can tell if we are in personal integrity if how we

feel on the inside matches what we experience on the outside.

A Master not only has learned to give, but to receive,

having given him or herself value of equal measure

across the board.

A Master embodies love instead of practicing it as an

ideal or an idea.

A Master is able to find compassion for everyone including

him or herself.

A Master is everything that a Master teaches and is always

aware that there is more to learn.

A Master knows no comparison of experience.

Each is on a perfect path to what his or her soul seeks.

A Master embraces all that he or she is faced with without fear,

instead, with a full heart and of his or her wholeness.

A Master sleeps well at night, knowing that he or she has done

their very best in any given situation throughout the day

and that's all her or she could have done.

A Master Knows there are no mistakes, only opportunities

to change direction or to learn something, and then rather

than beating him or herself up for it, can laugh at the humanity

of it and go on to the next thing without dragging what was

behind them.

A Master looks to no one for approval, but is open to everyone

to share what he or she has and accepting to new avenues of

thought and the wisdom others have gained.

After all, we all have a piece of the puzzle.

A Master basks not in ego, but in humility and wonder

at the scope of the infinite.

A Master never feels as if he or she has learned it all because

that is impossible except as a body of Light when we are

encompassed within the light of the source.

A Master carries that Light everywhere he or she goes

without judgment or attachment to outcome, after all,

once it is shared, it will grow according to the choices others make.

A Master goes with the flow, allowing him or herself to regenerate,

honoring that which he or she needs to be at their peak potential,

for if one is truly within the flow, one gets as much as one gives.

A Master needs no words such as these to convey the simplicity

of the apparent complexity of what is.

It just is.

A Master is love, on Earth and everywhere beyond.

(©Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D. and Spirit Light Resources,

2007 all rights reserved)


Cyndy said...

True, that. But we are so riddled with doubt, and lack faith in ourselves and others. Often, we only have confidence in something that we perceive is better and more wise and knowing.
Who planted that seed of doubt, I wonder? Is this a "chicken and egg" argument?????

Anchell said...

Nah, it just IS...