Friday, May 25, 2007

a slackarse am I...

sorry that I have not blogged
a slacker blogarse never seen
driving, working, feeding kids
it's hell my life has been

today however I have not
ran around all day
on my bum I have sat
and with paint did play

oh yes, I am a painter
a painter yes am I
little dots and other things
in a blue and purple sky

and I shall paint tomorrow
in between the fuss
that hosting two of shelli's friends
shall cause all of us

and sunday I will paint some more
as much as I can bear
and if that isn't good enough
well, I don't bloody care!!

Hi ho hi ho
its off to paint I go......



sorry 'bout that


rainbowspirit said...

A poet?? Is there no end to your talents????

paint girl,,, paint


Lisa said...

much goodest mary me.....see you tomorrow and please bring the thing

Rider-Waite said...

It is nice to be a slackarse, I am going to in about 2 wks afte we move. I am not moving off my butt for at least 2 days. Sounds good! xx

Cyndy said...

What are you sorry about?

I'm lovin' it..... ;0)

~*Rylah*~ said...

Great poem, Chell. Very schmick!

Tesah said...

Lol, very nice

nadcesca said...

lol. you go girl. You sure know how to play with words. love the poem. Hugs xx