Saturday, May 05, 2007

I am made...

Today has been a very good day.

I am made a master by a master master maker!

I am so blessed to have her in my life, truly I am.

...and you, all of you

Four times this week I have been told I am a blessing in someones life, numerous times I am told that I am beautiful and you know what!

Today I believe it!

I have recieved my reiki 3 today and somehow it feels like I have come home

Its very peaceful inside me tonight

and grateful


I am healed of a tight head too!

Which turns out to be a nasty red band of inferiority that I needed to lose big time!


I have a new, well, not new, guide who has been waiting for a while to step in

Welcome Amity, who I have known as Ahmethi, I think.....

On to other, less excitng stuff.......

My mother rang me today, her business is going down the tubes and life is hard, impossible, without help for am going to work for her some days a week, for nothing, as a good and grateful to be born daughter does when the shit hits the fan. What can you do.....

It will certainly release some karma for me!

I hope.......

I am very tired again

but for good reasons today


of course!

Love you XXX


Severina said...

Hearty Congrats ! x

Lisa said...

today was a new beginning.....the work you do with your mum is to be rewarded, one way or another......the next few weeks will be great for you x

Romy said...

From one Master to have come home!You will make a beautiful master - I am sure!
Wow! working for your can handle that!Will see you on Monday at Sunny's.
You know who!

Anchell said...

I can handle anything....but do I want to? aargghh

Kathleen said...