Sunday, December 28, 2008

"comes but once a year"

....for a bloody good reason

In short?

  • many people
  • too much food
  • no fights except for me and him
  • no cutting
  • late nights
  • did I mention many people?
  • aunt at my house was a brilliant idea plus some nice angels made her miraculously pass out before she got obnoxious EVERY time....
  • everyone slogged their guts out, ate too much, etc etc
  • scored nice pressies, perfume ( J' dor or whatever its called), outdoor table and chairs, byron pants, beautiful dragonfly vase and stuff
  • kids liked theirs
  • all in all was good
Am frikken exhausted inspite of having done nothing much except eat

Thank frik its over...waved the aunt off today..byeeeeeeeeee mwa


Will be in bed before midnight tonight!


Thank frik this year is nearly done

Mum is not very well...

Now for the next bit



Natalie said...


Love as ever.xxoo

Cyndy said...

Christmas is the time of excess... falalalalalalala....

Love to you xoxoxoxo

Anonymous said...

Tough times are ahead.....w.w.

Lisa said...

let me know if you are going to be intown or if i need to do a raod trip......xx

Lisa said...

maybe not tough times- maybe just different times x