Sunday, December 07, 2008


I dont really have the mental energy required to formulate a titillating blog post this morning

I will just say that all is seeming okay right now

Shelli is coming out shopping with us for a few hours today

Why I am going shopping on a Sunday 2 weeks before xmas I will never know Im sure

but it must be done

I am so frikken tired!

Running backwards and forwards between town and here and doing orifice and trying to keep eyes open and legs straight is a challenge indeed.

Wasnt this why I moved out here? To avoid that? Oh well......

I will be glad when this year is done with I can tell you

I am booked in for a week in Hat Head on the 17th of January

Hopefully I will be able to go!

Sister is booked in to come down and do mum and girls for that week so good

Perhaps Darlin and I will remember why we are then?

Mum is building up fluid in her belly but not mentioning it (bit hard to miss though when she looks 5 months preggers). She is waiting to get through Xmas.

Poor bugger has had to be up and about this week while I am doing Shelli.

She is buggered too

Ex husbands baby is due 5 minutes ago and he is useless of course.

Darlin is away for some of this weekend

I have a house to clean for money, somehow I will find time
Dirty bastards who skip out owing much rent and leaving shit all over the place.

frikken tenants

I am getting less nice to them I assure you.


The kitten thinks its a puppy...this is funny sometimes.

Anyhoo, on with the day




Anonymous said...

I don't want to give you false hope but if you look up the hub of Kelley Eidem the author of 'The Doctor who Cures Cancer' there is a formula that is supposed to help. It's pretty rugged with using habenero chili....

Also there is a herb called 'herb robert' or robert geranium that you take fresh or dried with raw egg yolk to bind it in your stomach. Please tell your Mum.
Hey.. nothing lost to try it..

He also says that cancer will show up in male or female with a positive pregnancy test!!! Gotta test that one.....
Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

I am up too, the pug woke me at the crack with its barking......its friggin Sunday, I wanted to sleep in.

This is one of those....nothing stays the same forever have had a horrendous year, but 2009 will see more changes and will it be any better for you?
Who knows....
you can hope that it will...w.w.

Anchell said...

Thanks anonymous. We are already doing as much alternative stuff as she can handle but I will research it certainly. positive? least it will be a different year if not any better. Groan....xx

Anchell said...
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Lisa said...

you really are my hero and I am well known not to worship/adore anyone mortal- BUT you are an exception.......
so brave and strong
so Witch xx

Jen said...

hugs to you - wish we could share coffee sometime... will just have to arrange to have one at the same time and be done with it.