Sunday, December 21, 2008

one of these days

I will get around to fixing my blog so it pleases me

It is Sunday

My day off

today I must

*defrost my fridge

*clean my verandah and accompanying windows

*scrub the bathrooms

*wash all towels and sheets etc

*clean up Shellis pigsty ie: go through it for sharp things, a pointless exercise really

and other such things

Shelli cut herself at home on Friday night again


Of course anger is an emotion commonly used to cover up other emotions such as heartbreak and devastation

I will stick with anger

Am about ready to knock her block off


Lisa said...

i would have been pissed off ages ago......she needs slappin' !

Anchell said...

Inbloodydeed..I will slap her with no computer in her room. Then I will slap her with no TV in her room. Then I will slap her with no outings....she will run out of space on her arms soon!

Jen said...


bloody kids

Lisa said...

good girl !!
we are both slappers from way back, hey ?

Cyndy said...

hahahahah Lisa slapping her children hahahah these would be metaphorical slaps, yes????

Bloody kid.... her mind is very obviously made up......

She is strong.... that will out in the eventually....

Natalie said...

You know what? I have been thinking all day for an appropriate response to your girls antics and I think that the best thing to say is: I really wish you didn't have to go through all this -

I will hold her while you slap the shit out of her, and when your arm gets tired - I will help.