Wednesday, December 03, 2008


Just to clarify

Shelli is not at James Fletcher, she is in a kids ward at JHH

Settling in according to nurse I spoke to this morning

As it was, I was too late, she cut her other arm up quite badly about an hour before I picked her up to go, in spite of Darlin being there to watch her. Poor man couldnt follow her into the bath now could he.

She will be in for at least a few days while she is reveiwed by the staff and doctors to ensure she isnt suffering from something else as well as depression, such as Bi-polar or OCD, as some of her 'stuff' looks a bit like this. She is also having blood tests etc to rule out physical reasons. I am pleased about this as I have wandered. Also she will now be properly in the 'system' so future dealings will be easier. And I am not deluded enough to think that there wont be any. I just hope we are getting help soon enough....

Blergh plus

Other than all that, things are okay


sorry, hysteria stepped in

Did I mention that puppies and kittens are hard work??

Especially when they love each other and one is considerably bigger than the other but the little one starts it all.......GRRRRRRRRR



Cyndy said...

I assumed you meant Nexus.


At least the fur kids can keep wach other amused while you are otherwise occupied


Jewell said...

oh dear...little ones always seem to get "little man/woman" issues...get a big water gun...that'll sort them out and give you a laugh.

Anchell said...

Not bonking Jewel...yet...but water gun sounds like a good idea

Lisa said...

sending love to you and your nest xx

Anonymous said...

I forgot about that. I'm glad it's not jf. I'm also glad she's there, it's a weight off you for a while and finally something can be sorted out. At the very least, you'll get an idea of what you're dealing with.
Sending hugs...

Tania said...

I really hope she's feeling better soon x

Jen said...

shit chelle.

lots of love and hugs coming your way.


Natalie said...

Love you. I'm glad she's "In the system" things do happen at a good pace too. This is good.It's really good. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kristy said...



Either way, I am glad she is there.

Love to you.

Myst_72 said...

So sorry Chelle,
just read this post - haven't had internet for the last few days.

I hope everything is o.k.