Tuesday, December 30, 2008

tis the season to be sillyyyyyyyy

Shame I cant be bothered

I think my body is fighting off the throat thing others seem to have

Glands are undecided as to whether they will stay swollen or not

Just a general blah feeling

Mum too...but her throat is sore and she feels like shit

Oh well, I refuse to have it!

Slept a lot yesterday which was nice but boring

Have to go run around like a blue arsed fly in town today with Dr appointments, counselling appointments, centrelink business and taking mum to meet baby Noah.....this will entail lunch at exes which may or may not be nice.....anyway, it will be done

K is off to Tuncurry for the New Year tomorrow

Little bro and girlfriend have absconded to Byron

which leaves me and Shell with mum....hmmmm

Dont know if I will be doing Hat Head now as well, never mind, but we will see.

Mums oncology appointment is on the 9th...this will be interesting as the head will have to come out of the sand.....fucking cancer

Have had to cut the hair on puppysons head as he was growing a coif with a curl....looked like Rod Stewart

Operation pee off carpet is working so far.....hasnt been off his leash much though

This is Kaylas and Tahnis xmas centrepiece...K is a swan maniac as you can see

Little bro gave nephew a fishing rod for chrissy...this was the result! Most impressive, yes

Have a good one peeps


jewell said...

swan looks awesome, did she make it?

Anchell said...

Yes they did...500 folded up pieces of paper....pretty cool heh

Faerie said...

Really cool swan! Fish is awesome!
The throat ... it is a pain in the neck ... and so is mine!

Natalie said...

Wow! obviously those girls take after their mummy.

Cute bro. and nephew - wanna swap?


Chrisy said...

Pleased to have stumbled into your blog...love the way you write...and can identify with so many of your sentiments...

Lisa said...

great swan
great dead fish
not so great about hat head
not at al
you need a break my love

Myst_72 said...

Love the swan!

And gee those two lads are cut from the same cloth!