Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sunday again

I am in a slightly better head space today

Had Shelli home on day leave yesterday

She should be home on Tuesday

I have decided to just be me and she will have to just be her, I cant do staying up all night and constant sleep checks and all that forever. I will save it for when she seems to need it. And she will have to take some responsibility for herself here...she is 15 not 2

We shall see....

I am washing today

sheets doonas dogs cats windows towels etc

There is friggen dog hair everywhere!


I think that puppyson needs a shave as well as a nut job...will see to it this week!

My 2 puppies, including the kitten there, are getting on like a house on fire. This is nice if a touch maddening...

I have only bitten Darlins head off 3 or 4 times in the past few days so I am special

I have new sheets for my bed and a new vacuum cleaner to siphon up dog hair and kitty litter

I live in a nuthouse indeed

Just think, over the next 5 weeks I will have 2 whole week at a time weeks off!

I may be sane by February



Must wash things

see ya



Natalie said...

Hey Darling girl, glad you in better place today. I think your decision re: S. is sound - and the only way you are going to function under your load.

Had to laugh at "bit Darlin's head off" after writing my post this morning! Ha, Ha.

Food for thought! Ha.

Anonymous said...

love the picture of puppyson and kitty...very cute. Jewell

sorry cant log into my blog...very not happy JAN

Anonymous said...

hang in there...holidays soon...w.w.