Thursday, December 11, 2008

fark part 2

Not really fark

Its fruggen christmas in a minute you do realise!

I have somehow managed to be half organised

All I have to get is a list as long as my arm rather than my whole body

This required me going to Kotara yesterday to pick up laybys.....

I got a park straight away and no queue was more than 3 people long and yet it still took me the best part of 3 hours to get done....

Shell will probably be discharged early next week...must get my head around trust issues before then and have a D & M with her re: cutting and talking before etc

I think...


I forced parent to have the day off today so am orificing by myself

Tomorrow I must doctor and shop and coffee mehopes

Lucky petrol is so cheap at the moment isnt it

ahhh well....onwards we go



Lisa said...

yes and yes
yes again
one step

The Tall Red Head said...

Yes, I agree with Lisa. But all on one line. One step at a time. hopefully things will settle down now that Shelli knows she has help out there and that you are there for her and she isn't alone. And hopefully you get the rest you need and deserve!