Friday, December 19, 2008

A horrible day but much done...


Thank you for your insights girls, especially you muggle

Now is not really a good time to be judgmental and to project. I just need to do one day at a time I guess....

Had a 7am start today...into Centrelink, I can claim carers for Shelli AND Kayla apparently, this will ease the financial burden somewhat I think....wish I had of thought of it before Rudd gave cares a thousand bucks!

Then to hospital for meetings with quacks etc re Shell....she is on a drug called Seraquil at night and a little during the day to control her sky high anxiety....its actually a drug they use for Psychotic people but in small doses can be good for things like this. It is not addictive and more effective than diazapams etc so we will see. Shelli says her head has 'slowed down' so this is a good thing. Hopefully if she has a break from her head for a few weeks she will be able to apply the other stuff she is learning and her seratonin levels will be more along the line of being helped by the antidepressant..if that makes sense.

Then I ran around like a blue arsed fly applying for birth certificates and shopping for books and oh, etc etc etc

In the meantime my mother rang me every 10 minutes to tell me more things we need to get

And then I got my grey hairs disguised by the hairdresser

And then I came home and cooked dinner

and now I am writing this

I am frikken pooped

And I am going to bed very shortly leaving the girls to watch a movie and drug themselves to sleep

Tomorrow is another fun day

And Sunday is for cleaning this hovel up before guests arrive on Wednesday

How come I get the horrible aunty at my house?



Cyndy said...

You are such a busy girl, 'Chell. You sound happy to have your girls home.......

And someone has to have the horrible aunty.... at least you're thick-skinned (or numb) enough these days to cope.....

I hope I was of assistance.. I tend to ramble....

Lisa said...

i have spent my life as the horrible aunty- sometimes we are not as bad as we seem xxx

Anchell said...

You havent met my aunty :0(

Lisa said...

true- is this the drinker ? she will have a dry run at your house !

Anonymous said...

Seroquel can be very sedating. it'll be fine if she stays on the small dose though. If they keep increasing the dose though, you might have a zombie daughter on your hands, but it's better than her hurting herself all the time.
It IS good for slowing your head down. I found that too.
I found it addictive in that after a while couldn't sleep without it, but otherwise, it's not.
Watch the weight gain.
Good luck.
Love you.