Wednesday, December 31, 2008

what? its over......promise????

The last day of this fucking annus horribilus???

Are you sure??


I will believe it when I see it

New Years Reso???



I am not in good form

I am pissed off

I screamed like a knobhead at my girls last night because the dog woke me up...

at 8 pm....cringe

I am undecided about what to take into the new year with me

Actually, it may well just be Groundhog year for me

or worse

sooooooo looking forward to it

I think Id like to vomit now

Thats how much Im looking forward to it

Weird dreams...well, not weird but definatly rude

Maybe I need some distraction?

Or a foot up the old Kieber Pass

Or anything that isnt this reality?


I feel better 'sickwise' so I think I am not going to bother getting sick, who has time anyway

Sorry to be a drag

But frikken hell

K is going away today

Shell is going out I think, if I let her

Mum wants to pretend New Years isnt happening

Darlin would like me to go down the coast and do it with his son and etc

I would like to not do that

So I wont

Maybe I will sit here in silence and contemplate my navel and find gratitude for something



Have a Good One people, I wish you all Happiness and Peace



Natalie said...

You are excused and even encouraged to express in any form that takes - even vomit. Who could blame you?

You are welcome to come here and listen to bogans have 16 hr parties like 2 nights ago, and MOST likely to happen again tonight. GROAN x 100.

I truly want to kick their ass, you could help me and we would both feel lots better!

Happy New Year sounds trite, given your circumstances - but you know we all just want the best for you and yours. Wishing you all the best the universe has to offer instead of the bargain basement experiences.xxoo

Lisa said...

you are allowed to be pissed off and even vomit if thats what it takes to get it out of your system.
you have had a shitty year and as long as you are going into 2009 it really doesnt matter too much what else you dicide or not decide to take.
be kind to you Maryme- you are well loved and supported but i know and you know that you really are walking this path alone.
sad but true- and essential too i might add.
be YOU
true to YOU
authentic YOU

everything else will fall into place

love you muchly xxx

Jen said...

'chelle - your despair is palpable. This next year HAS to be better!!! Because I SAID SO, thats why!!

Love and hugs to you and yours.


Anonymous said...

You have a big heart will not always be like this..w.w.Maybe??????I could get to have a coffee with you at the end of the month????w.w.