Friday, January 16, 2009



The day from hell it was

Nuff said about that!

I am packed, car is packed, I am brown because I cheated, I am going to mums for curry

And in the morning



Hooo bloooodyyyyy rooooooooo


jewell said...


Cyndy said...

Bye Bye... have fun!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Come backkkkkkkkk.........I miss you already!!!!!!

Have a good one.

Jen said...

Have fun Chelle

chill out and have some fun.

Let the world revolve without you for a few days - you know it will....

hoo bloody roo

Anchell said...

Did u know spray tans wash off???

I am 4 shades lighter after a shower...grrrrrrrr

oh well, will have to fry slowly


Anonymous said...

Hi Anchell.
I'm an advocate for natural treatments for illness even tho I'm not ill nor have any vested interest. I know of 3 protocols for cancer treatment that are supposed to cure.

Take herb robert with raw egg yolk to bond in your stomach. I think 3 x a day. dried is fine.
Also Essaic Tee. I have recipe or get off the net.
Then this one of the Kelley Eidem hub. 1 habenero chili, 2 cloves garlic, chopped, with organic butter or ordinary butter, not marg on a half slice of Essene bread. Another half slice to eat to help take the heat away. For 2/3 weeks. Essene bread should be available at health food joint or make it out of wheat grass, blended and dried.
So worth trying to save your Mum.
email address if you want to get in touch for more info.

Also... a pregnancy test supposedly shows positive if anyone has cancer. Very early warning! Have to get that tested!!!
good vibes your way,

Anchell said...

Thank you anon, I have her on B17 and supplements etc and that has semmed to have slowed it down. Anything helps

Chrisy said...

...have fun...i also apply the fake tan before donning the cossie...always seem to end up with those streaks on the ankles tho...