Friday, January 30, 2009

nips and tucks??


I am informed by my doctor of the gyneacological variety that the uterus must come out

It just keeps growing and is now the size of a four month pregnancy, and will continue to do so until I become 25 months pregnant with nothing or it falls out my arse, so to speak.

This is why I am constantly peeing, having back pain and not pooing correctly.

I should say, the fibroids attached to my uterus actually.

On the outside, not the inside, where if they were there they could be lasered out, but the outside, which means hysterectomy of not the vaginal kind because it is most likely just too big.


So, sometime in the next 90 days I will be doing this thing

All going according to plan

And then I will be unable to lift or drive for a couple of weeks

Which will require me to need some slaves...yipee

I do get to keep my ovaries

I wont get to have half a month every month bleeding like a stuck pig anymore!


I wont be able to produce any late in life offspring dammit...heeeeeee

Im sure there are more things I need to know

but that will do for a start


Kristy-Lee said...


Wow. This is a little bit big!

Are you ok? You seem ok, but this is blog world......



Natalie said...

Sounds awful ~ but better out than in, I think.
Damn shame about those middle aged baby plans though......NOT!!


Lisa said...

i am your willing slave- just direct me, masser.........

jewell said...

good to hear that you now know what's been wrong....

love to you xxx

Anonymous said... need this like a hole in the head, but I guess you wont know yourself after it is over...make sure you holler when you need us....w.w.

Anonymous said...

when I had my hysterectomy ,,,they offer me a tummy tuck ,,,while they were there ,,,Food for thought

Anchell said...

Yes Kristy, I am perfectly ok with it.

And Lisa, as long as its not a massakilling day.....