Sunday, January 11, 2009

well well wellllll

Looky looky

Ive been painting

Just some littlies to play with

Wonders will never cease

And I have cleaned the carpets

With some help from Dobby House Elf

and Dobby has mown the lawn

And the dog is clean and schmick and naughty

And we started the quilt

AND I put my clothes away

Some day off......

This is my little alter

And this is my goddess type thingy who's tits blew off in the firing so I stuck em back on


Now I am stuffed

Dobby is stuffed

We had garlic prawns for dinner

so we stink

and its time for bed

And that my dears, is that

oh yes, AND I changed the dead light bulbs that have been driving me nuts for months




Anonymous said...

Yay!!!!!Good on you. I hope I have inspired you to try and get back some time for you and be creative too...I remember all the times you told me to just get in there and do it and now I am....will send calendar next day or two, also included a copy of my card for you to have a looky...w.w.

Anonymous said...

They are truly amazing Michelle! The colours really resonate.

Myst_72 said...

I love your paintings - clever you :)


Lisa said...

i love your goddess- a rather cute approach to breast reduction but i like her just the same.

glad you are painting
really really glad
my birthday is 12/4

jewell said...

phew...good work shell

Natalie said...

Glad you are painting, darling.xx

Jen said...

very good - interesting visual of a goddess' tits 'blowing off'... hmmm

painting is good - most excellent


Faerie said...

Glad you are beginning to express yourself creatively again!!!

Thinking of you and your Mum xxxx