Thursday, January 15, 2009


Seems I have some new pets

A few of them

We will call them mozzies shall we

they like to wake me up all night and so I wake puppyson up all night who then would like to go out and do wees and poos and things please

Pet mozzies are no fun and they bite

I will be killing them all tonight and also shutting the screen door too

I have been up since 4frikken AM and I dont have any bloody babies!

On a good pet note, since doing the carpets with Nil Odour in the machine on Sunday I have had NOT ONE SINGLE wee inside, or good is that. Puppyson is also having to get used to being outside on his own for several hours a day...he does not like this but I tell him it is a real world here dog!

I also tip a jug of water on his head from the balcony if he gets too loud with his protests.

He doesnt like that either.......:)

I will be hiring a Citronella spraying bark collar device if he keeps it up but he is getting better so this may not be necessary......he definately wouldnt like that

Enough of animals

2 days till I go away!

I am not even organised one little bit

Lucky darlin has got the camping things out and they are ready to go

I will pack some stuff tonight I spose and must stock cupboards with kid and pet fodder so sister doesnt know how slack I am...

In light of yesterdays visit to the hospital I am aware that this may be my only time out for some time to come so I will be doing lots of nothing....

I am a bit numb on that one I think, or else just accepting, or maybe a bit of both. Lets face it, its been coming for the last year hasn't it. I would like a bit more information and something resembling a time frame but I cant see me getting one. I keep getting 6 months.....frik

You know, besides the obvious stuff, the hardest thing is going to be helping my little brother deal with it all. He is only 22 for gods sake. He is supposed to have his mum around for a lot longer than this.

That man has not come back to us about buying the business. I think they (the other agents around here) are all just playing vulture and waiting for the rentals to be floating around in thin air to be picked up. Well, that wont bloody happen if I can help it. Mum will give it to me. And then I will do what? argh

Not worrying about that just yet. If I had time to get my RE License I would but I am only one person here....I would need to hire someone with a license to make it legal and would that make it worth it for me? Possibly. Hmmmm

But that is projecting too far and is only a possibility.

Rather that than let mums years of hard slog go to the carrion eaters!


Anyway, its now 6am and I should be getting up!



Hippy Witch said...

Sorry to hear that Chelle, but if you can get an agent to agree to have his license no: above the door, you don't have to employ him as such, my dad done that, if you want I will find out details.

Lisa said...

good news about puppyson and nil odour- bad news about mozzies

keep dancing crab-shell xx

Anchell said...

"Im dancing as fast as I can"


Chrisy said...

...take it easy honey and let others do a bit o dancin...oh but put some mozzie spray on first...

jewell said...

how's the mozzie problem? know how you feel re them...i have a vendetta against them evey summer...not really sure who wins?!

Sorry to hear re your mum, also know what your going through

Sending lots of love and hugs xxx

Tania said...

Enjoy your time away :)

so sorry about your mum :(