Monday, January 26, 2009

Tooooo bloooooody good


Today I had to take K to buy some school shoes

This is generally a nightmare of epic proportions as she hates all shoes and only ever likes a certain type of canvas tennis shoe made in Thailand.....

however all other years have seen us traipsing through every shoe shop on the continent and still coming away empty handed

Not today

Oh no

Walked into the shop, AND it was payless and less than $50, and walked out in 5 mins WITH a pair of school shoes that she LIKED....

I am in shock

Aside from that I have been semi productive in that I have bleached all the used to be white things white again

And sewn up school skirts that needed doing

And thats about it

Energy levels are very low and I still want to sleep for a week

Had a chat to sister while putting her on the plane home yesterday about her needing to get down as much as possible now, for her sake......this was a hitting home unpleasant thing

Tahni is coming home on Wednesday for a couple of days so that is cool too

Back to the orifice for a busy week of crap tomorrow

Mum did have several phone calls in response to ad in the Herald

Have been speaking to lost son in Germany...I sent him chocolate the other week and it cost me $33 postage! To send $10 worth of chocolate and 2 tubes of zit cream....hee hee.....but he is missing chocolate and is too stingey to buy any for himself

So mummy is cool....

Shelli is still intact and not cutting, feeling ok. We will see how she goes back at school hmmm.

She has a boyfriend so that is distracting for her I suppose. Hmmmmm

She also now has her nose pierced on both sides because I am a sucker

Ex husband has bought a house now.....not wasting anytime is he. It does not have a spare room for my girls. They are not impressed much.

I am on auto pilot and that suits me just fine for now

And the beat goes de da di dah



Lisa said...

god i love you shell- i will make time for coffee when ever youa re avialble- life sounds so-so and I am glad you had the sister chat.
like i said, i love you- smooch xxx

Anchell said...

me too you xxxxxx

Natalie said...

Ex is a swear word. xx

Cyndy said...

School Shoes: 2 swear words.....