Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Feeling itchy....

Am pondering the necessity of 'truth'.

Am wondering why we must always question (ahhh ...ironic I know).

Some things just are.


And no amount of thinking or arguing about them can make them any more explicable or comfortable or justifiable.

Some things just are, and we are'nt meant to know why, or we would.

I find that there are things that I just 'know', like them or not, and that, for me, is 'truth'.

Just a word.

And it just is.

In my experience, these are the things I need to accept, without question, because 'question' just does my head in.

A large lesson I have learnt in this life is that I have no control, over anything really.

Except my own actions.

Note I do not include reactions in this.

What I do defines how comfortable I am in my self.

Each day I have choices about my own comfortability.

And each day there are certain things I choose NOT to engage in because they fuck with my head.

Constantly questioning the 'whys' is one of these things.

Lying to myself is another.

For obvious reasons I would have thought.

Some things just 'are'

and the quicker I get to acceptance, the more peace I have.

That is MY truth...for want of a better word :)



Lisa said...

itchy alright !!
i think we all are at the moment........

Natalie said...

That's good Chelle.

Anonymous said...

Talk about itchy...I cant stop scratching,,,,its like my skin is trying to come off.....maybe its the soap?????
what time is coffee tomorrow???w.w

Lisa said...

by the way, how is the walking machine going?

Natalie said...

Yes , they were.
That is why I love you and darlin' so much.
That is why you two had to be witness to the happiest day of my life as well as the worst.
You can catch up on Haylie if you want to. Anytime, door is always open. xxoo

Lisa said...

nice to catch up with you today my love- gosh i miss having you