Saturday, January 03, 2009

oh to be a stalker

Well, Saturday work is done

I am a busy beaverish type person

Or was

Now I am a trackydakked type dag

Gotta love tenants who move in somewhere to escape beating boyfriends only to ask to move out so you sign up a new tenant and then tenant decides they dont want to move out 2 days before they are due to be gone and then SEND THEIR THUGS BOYFRIENDS DOWN to THREATEN YOU.....told you my job was dangerous!

Lucky I had my 5 foot tall mother who has cancer there to tell him to piss off....tough lady my mum

Shelli and I are alone at home. She, btw, is doing quite well this week. Seems to have settled right down. Phew for now. She also thinks she has secrets but I know better

This is because I am psychic and was also 15 many centuries ago.


I am bored....whinge whinge

See what happens when you arent exhausted...grrrrr

I tried on all my swimmers and they all tell me my arse is far too fat and my thighs are not pretty....GRRRR

I am going to go find a swimmmers shop who specialise in making fat arses look good!

I may have to go to another country of course, one where fat arses are the in thing, but hey, whatever...

I have purchased a treadmill did I tell you?

A superdooper thing that I will be paying off for the next 10 years but its worth it I figure

My girls need daily walking, depression needs daily walking, as do giant fat arses, and so walk we comes on Monday and by next Monday I will tell you how slim my FA is now okay.

Yes indeed I will

I will be taking all my pants up very soon

Am also going to investigate one of those WII things that people are raving about. Not so much for me, I know my laziness has no limit, but the girls want to lose weight, and need to really, so whatever it takes yes?

Time for action here

Enough of fatness

You know my little hideously expensive fluffball kitten? Well, it is the nicest little cat we have ever had. She is so cute and friendly. Im sure she thinks she is a puppy....

I am reaching for things to say here....


Oh yes, not to stress muggle, beloved was not here.....promise

Neither was Fat Bastard mary, just in case you went there.....

Oh fine

Im going

Good bye



Natalie said...

Just thinking about exercise is making me tired......BUT! My FA won't be seeing swimmies again any time soon - so all good.


Anonymous said...

the wii thing will become BORING in about one week...lots of money for something that will just sit there...believe me!w.w.

Tania said...

Let me know when you find that swimmer shop, my girl took pics of me at the beach and I literally cried when I saw them! Those pics are being printed and put on the fridge to remind me of what my arse looks like everytime I think about eating. A friend suggested swimwear with a skirty thing around it.. yeah there's a reason I don't wear mini skirts now!

Melora said...

I bought our kids one (Wii) and they love it. It's great. Even when you have a game on it you have to physically do the movements like swinging the tennis racket, swinging the bat. If you get the fit one let us know how it goes.