Saturday, January 31, 2009

argh again

Well, another week nearly done


Had to go into the Tenancy Tribunal by myself for the first time yesterday, was very thrilling.

Got the nasty blonde reconcilliation lady who always favors the tenant and treats the agent like a piece of poo...bitchfacemole we will call her.

So, poor shaking tenant who cries (on tap) and has managed to get her rent up to date finally didnt get kicked out and an order to pay rent on time was obtained and an afternoon was wasted again.

Oh well....her lease is up in April and I will take pleasure in kicking her out for no reason if she doesnt pull up her socks in the meantime.

I have turned into an unsympathetic bitchfromhellproperty person :)

Isnt that nice.


My house smells like dog


My daughters are filthy beasts

I went to bed at 7pm last night and slept till 5am!

I need to mow my lawn so the dog will poo on it instead of my verandah! Poor diddums musnt like the grass tickling his bum......GRRRRRR

I think I will buy myself a whippersnipper so I can do it without having to rely on darlin being here as he has the lawn mowing tools permanently installed at his house these days...

My period is coming...for one of the LAST TIMES YAY

I am thinking hysterectomy is a nice word indeedy

In my family on the female side there is a history of misbehaving uteruses (uterii)

so I was only looking forward to years of revolting bleeding and horrible stuff anyway

Better out than in I think

Plus I have had abnormal cervical cells in the past so I think they can have that too

Yes indeed

and if I didnt need my ovaries I would tell em to whip them out too!


Knowing my luck it will happen on my birthday :(

I am boring

It is early

Toodles people


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Barry said...

Maybe more information than I was prepared for. lol