Saturday, January 10, 2009


I like playing Wordscraper

It keeps me amused and sane

Why the frik would someone go on the computer to play a WORD game and think he will pick up a chicky to watch him have sex with himself on webcam???

Do people do this crap??

People are weird for sure


My house is a little cleaner looking now after a vigorous attack with Victor the Vacc and Mouldy the Mop

Wilfred Washing Machine has been given a seeing to as well.

Unfortunatley Michelle the Maid isnt playing and wont put any of her clothes away

Ho farkin hum

But I am a hit on facebook for sure

people want to have virtual sex with me

and other ones just like my work

Too blooody goooooddddd

Wishing Helen a nice evening



Anonymous said...


You caught me.

I probably should return the webcam, hey?

Anonymous said...


Anchell said...

His name was JACK!!!


Anonymous said...


Anchell said...

Well, as long as you dont get a virus......

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, I use protection.

My buddy Norton insists.

Natalie said...

But was he Italian?????

Lisa said...

well you are HOT stuff ankle and if you were wearing the maid outfit I can almost understand...