Monday, January 12, 2009

boo hoo

I think I have a UTI

Does this entail bloated sore to touch belly, very frequent peeing, slightly green pee, feverish, headachy.......sob

I havent had one for years so dont really remember but I am thinking this is what it is

Will go to quack tomorrow anyway so will check it out then

Its been a long day that has gone really fast, I know that didnt make sense but there you go

I wonder if my Joshua reads my blog??

If you do kiddo, I miss you :0)

Busy week this week

The biggest one is mums oncology appointment on Wednesday

She is whinging and bitching because she is scared

me too....

oh well

On with it yes?


jewell said...

yes sounds like a bad case of UTI..poor you get anti-bon for it straight away

Jen said...


poor you

hugs for mum
(and you)


Lisa said...

boo bloody hoo
I know you miss your Josh- i remember long ago telling you about the connection with you and him- it hasnt even begun to show yet.........
have to go, need to pee AGAIN

Anonymous said...

I swear by URAL to help the annoying exit xxx

Chrisy said...

Sorry to hear you've got these symptoms...they're awful...I remember one time having to spend hours in a tempid bath because it was the only comfort I could get till the drugs kicked in....hope yours gets cleared up quickly...