Monday, January 05, 2009

well well well

It seems that centrelink are my friend

They have given me Carer Payment

I suppose me caring for 3 people 38 hours a day saves the government quite a bit really

I also got a bonus backpay for some strange reason but I will not argue about it oh no

Mind you, they are only paying for my care of 2 people but what the heck, fair is fair, I didnt expect it for K, she is ok on the anti depressant thank frik


We can eat now AND have the internet

I am grateful

My treadmill finally came

Its a beauty

I used it for 15 minutes and am half dead

So fit!

That will change

It does hills and everything

I dont do hills very well


My arse is getting smaller already from fear of the treadmill

and spray tans only cost $30....apparently they dont do any shades of orange either, damn

so pleased I am

Its rather hot

and will be hotter tomorrow

and hotter still on Wednesday

wont that be pleasant

You guys are not blogging enough I must say

Up the anti people

or is that ante????

Muggle where is that sprinkler? I want to bury my dog under it...



Cyndy said...

Dartbrook. But you could buy one at Bunnings. Or Home Hardware, Mitre 10, Big W..... You're rich now.....

Funny things, sprinklers.... The only time our old Boxer ever growled at the kids was when there was a sprinkler involved. More to the point, HER sprinkler....

I'm not sure that you would look too good in orange.. all over... ;0)

Anchell said...

Dartbrook heh...too far. I will buy one and him under it here....with a cork in his bum!

Anchell said...

bury him..missed a bit there

Natalie said...
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Myst_72 said...

Great news!

I had a feeling they'd back pay you....