Thursday, January 01, 2009

Knobheaded self

Revise....I will revise my doom and gloom post

Probably because today is the first day I have felt human in weeks

Never mind that its back to orifice tomorrow

It IS a New Year!!

This year I will

  • try to keep it very simple
  • find gratitude more often
  • enjoy the time I get with my mother and be grateful I am able to be here
  • NOT kill any tenants
  • Train my wayward puppyson
  • Be firm with my daughter but love her warts and all

That will do.

I will also be having an open house barbeque type gathering when I come back from Hat Head, where I AM going regardless of whether the arse falls out of the world!

And you will hopefully all come, those of you who are within driving distance

Even WW should be finished CCing by then yes?

Negativity will get me nowwhere....I must get more rest or I will go mad

I will try!

Love you guys



Jen said...

big big hugs

Lisa said...

good girl
will be at the party
smooch xx

Cyndy said...

Glad you are feeling a bit more "up" today, but the point of the blog is to give you an outlet for all of the crap. Never apologise for what you have written.

I keep thinking that I have left comments on people's blogs... obviously I'm imagining it.... That swan was awesome, and the boys & the fish? Well let's say that there was only one ugly one... the other 2 are just scrummy.....


Chrisy said...

...just be kind to yourself....i love reading your blog...