Tuesday, January 13, 2009



Am feeling slighlty better this morning after a huge blast of darlin' energy last night ( and a foot massage and a back tickle:0)....I can only handle his 'touch', healing wise, for a few minutes and then my head spins and I want to vomit

Sounds awful doesnt it.....he is very strong in that regard though and for some reason, these days I cant handle ANYONE giving me a healing, so to last a couple of minutes was a good thing. I think?

Usually I just say no but something wanted me to so I did

Its a vibration thing, I know, and not anyones negativity or 'fault'.

Just me not needing to be 'touched' that way...

Oh poo, Lisa will know what I mean...

Suffice it to say that during ascension strange things happen that render 'old' modalities useless and sometimes harmful to some, okay? My truth only.

Anyway, am still going to quack to get anti biotics today, and to get a Kayla script, and a mum script, and then a shelli counselling......ah these are the days of my life etc etc poooooooo

I am a treadmill hornbag by the way...under the inch(es) of flab there are the beginnings of buns and thighs of steel I tell you......poooo

Am tired and need to pee

But there are worse things to be for sure

Facing the day with a smile

Its good for the turkey neck



Natalie said...

Exhausted just reading it all, steel hornbag! xx

Lisa said...

yes, i understand- i avoid all healings at all costs becasue they totally stuff up my energy- even reiki i can only stand for a minute or two and i feel sick.smooch x

Chrisy said...

well miss treadmill hornbag i always think of you as gorgeous and trim already (from ur avatar) so think ull just be doin a bit of fine tuneing there! Re the healing yes I find that my body will tell me what it wants even when my mind's receptive...