Saturday, March 14, 2009

Ahhhhh poo

I have had the pleasure of waking at 3am today :)

Happy birthday to me...whoopee

Been a busy couple of days here

Mum has been in lots of pain, time for some pain management information I guess...Panadol aint gonna do it no more

We really need to get in touch with Palliative Care....but that is too confronting for her yet

I am going to do it anyway after next week

It is time, we need more support here than the hospital and the GP's here are no good. Its too far to go to my doctor in town ....we need local help.

I will be investigating further.

She is very sensitive to pain meds, they knock her out or make her off her face, which is okay except she wants to be coherent and sometimes needs to be. They also are constipating which is a major issue for her since bowel surgery....not needed at all.

She is a pain in the ass because she hates taking pills and would rather suffer than take anymore than she already is. She will change her mind on that soon or else I will have a tantrum.

You will be happy to know I have purchased two more nighties (that is 3 Evil Twins Wife will be pleased to see).....

I came upstairs this morning to find a Happy Birthday Grandpa card next to the K is a funny bunny

Speaking of whom, guess who came home with a tattoo yesterday????

Yes indeed. A black swan on her wrist........she is 17 and no one asked her for ID!

I have thrown up my hands and muttered into the sky ( why I don't know )...........bloody kids

My son's friends in Germany are alright.

I am old did that happen??

I swear I was 30 five minutes ago.

Happy Birthday to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


I may be back with more drivel later....don't say you were'nt warned


Natalie said...

Happy Birthday Beautiful!
Your card is on its way.
Quite obviously the best looking Grandpa I have met for a while.He.he.

In regard to S., there is a Palliative Care Outreach service at The Bay, that we used for Aunty Dette.
Ring them, they were FANTASTIC.

LOVE and ALL my best sqeezie hugs for a happy day.xx♥♥oo

Hippy Witch said...

Happy Birthday Michelle, its your birthday and you can drivel all you want to. Your not old you know, you just think you are when you have to say bloody kids, because it reminds you of when you heard that from your elders. Your a wonderful daughter, Mother & person Michelle, your family are very lucky to have you. But for today have a wonderful you day. Good luck with your surgery on Monday, and rest, rest, rest. I keep missing out on lunch & coffee meetings, I've been at work on the days you can come. I have been & will be thinking of you & sending you love.

Tania said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy birthday to you :) I hope you have a lovely weekend, and that all goes perfectly next week.

I can kind of understand how your mum feels about pain killers, I have endone and oxycontin and they definitely mess with your mind. Dope was more appealing than my pain relief, my specialist laughed when I said I was going to start smoking joints rather than take those pain killers again. It does get to the point of not wanting to take anything... but I also understand that my pain wouldn't even come close to your mum's. I hope she finds something that helps


Lisa said...

happy birthday Michelle-

it's early
thats all ive got xx

Audrey said...

Happy Happy Birthday Michelle! Oh man, I wish that you could have zoomed off to a distant place for your special day, and not have to worry about anything!
So sorry to hear how your Mom is doing - I totally relate to the pill thing! Crap!
A tattoo, huh? My one niece wanted me to get one when I finished treatment - I didn't...I had been through enough, thank you very much!
Good, good luck on Monday. I will send good karma your way!
Big, big hugs!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Happy Birthday! Whew..I'm glad you got three nighties. :-)

Myst_72 said...

Happy Birthday Michelle!


jewell said...

Happy Birthday Michelle, enjoy your special day xxx

dragonesque said...

Happy birthday, Michelle. Have a wonderful day and make sure this is at least one day where you get some time to do something that you really want to do.

Michelle said...

That would be sleep Wendy :0)

Thanks everyone

Daria said...

Happy Birthday girl!

Years ago, when my sister went out of town for awhile ... her teenage daughter got her tongue pierced. My sister who is a nurse was horrified.

On the bright side ... today my niece is a nurse and no longer has the pierced tongue.

Renee said...

Happy Birthday Darling Michelle:

How funny is it that I got a card in the mail today from you and here it is your birthday over there.

Michelle it is beautiful, thank you so much, I think I might get a little frame for the card you made.

Those doctors are going to have to find out what can work for your Mom.

43, you are still a baby. You look in your early 30s. I will be 53 on the 28th of March and I look like I could be your grandmother.

Love you.


Chez said...

Like good wine may each birthday improves with age.
Happy Birthday Michelle
May it be filled with all the happiness you deserve.
Being on Oxycontin at the moment I manage the problems by taking psyllium each day. Must admit that it does take 1 tsp with each meal but does do the job!
Palliative Care is great! They are so very helpful

Cyndy said...


Oh, to be 43 again....... there are definitely things that I would change.....

There are a number of pain medication options.... patches, infusions, syrups..... side effects can be addressed....

A black swan sounds better than a blue dove-thing...

Love to you xoxoxox