Thursday, March 26, 2009


Feeling much more normal this morning...yay

So, here I am, in the orifice......argh

The last two weeks have been mayhem here with all the lowlife tenants up to no good

I'm sure they were all waiting for me to take my eye off them for 5 seconds grrrrr

We have one lot who have been kicked out and just will not go......they owe untold rent and said they will be out yesterday and they are still there.......makes me want to hire a hit man!

But I am not worrying about it right now, no no no......I am not really here.....I am an apparition!

I want to go to sleep now...:)


Lisa said...

i love you and i am OK- really. an overwhelming week but still in gratiutde and acceptance- this too shall pass xx

Daria said...

You are funny ... get some sleep!

jewell said...

just hire the hit man..will make them sit up and take notice hehehe

Audrey said...

Hiring a hit man...hmmm...I am guessing it would be quite effective! Ha ha! rush to get up and about and you have to deal with weirdo's like that! As my good friend Michelle would say, "Aaaaargh!"

Vevay Anderson said...

I know a guy who does some 'work'. A little expensive, but I'll tell him you're my friend and get you a discount!