Saturday, March 14, 2009

Here is a pic of us at the 21st last weekend

That's me hiding in the background....

My avatar pic was taken 4 years ago.......

I have aged :(

Oh well...that's what happens isn't it!

That's my mum in the front.....looking pretty glam

Happy Birthday tooooo Meeeeeeeeeee

I have a new handbag and wallet!

What a surprise!

And darlin is buying me some paint....a girl can never have too much paint you know


Jen said...

Happy birthday to yooo
happy birthday to yooo
happy birthday to yoooo hoooooooooo
happy birthday to yoooooooo

I hope you have had an AWESOME day, with a schmick new wallet and bag!!!

Lotsa luv from

Chez said...

May that birthday bag and wallet have money coming in as it goes out..

Natalie said...

Good to have a nice family piccy, love. Hope you are having a great day.xx

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday babe!
glad you have "acute angina"
...never enough paint!!!w.w.

Michelle said...


WW have you lost the plot??

Butler and Bagman said...

Happy birthday, Michelle. You haven't aged much that I can see. I've also realized that you remind me very much of a woman colleague here that I admire very much. Although the more I read your blogs I'm beginning to think that I like her because she reminds me of you, who I am beginning to admire very much. I wonder when her birthday is.

Anonymous said...

1-2 t powdered or fresh Herb Robert mixed in raw egg yolk twice a day.

Brain tumour... 1-2 tablespoons linseed oil [flaxseed] mixed with 1/4 cup low fat cottage cheese twice a day.

This is harsh...
1 habanero chili chopped with 2 cloves garlic chopped with lots of butter..not narg. on Essene bread or orginary bread every morning till not needed. 1/2 slice of bread to eat afterwards with butter too.
Take cod liver oil if not losing weight.
evening primrose oil if in pain and losing weight.
Your mother has nothing to lose if you let her know about these and she tries it. You must be so broken into little pieces with this.
thinking of you.

Lisa said...

never mind renata she is very old--------------happy b day bestie- i have a presant for you but it will have to wait until i visit the hospital..........lit a candle for you though- am a nice witch i am xx

Anonymous said...

Happy rebirthday!

Yes, you really should change that picture.... get into photoshop if you feel that bad - that's what I do! *Shhhhhh*

Hope there was money in the purse...

Vevay Anderson said...

I'm a little behind with my comments...So,
Happy birthday!
Has you mother ever considered any natural healing as opposed to narcotics?
I really enjoyed the comics about the ear plugs and the nighties!

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I hope you have the greatest day! Enjoy your new handbag and wallet!

Anonymous said...

That is a beautiful pic! And yes, your Mom is uber-glam!
I am a huge fan of purses and wallets! I shop more for them than anything else. So I am thrilled that you got them for your b'day!
Sweetie, I am thinking of you and sending good karma. Good luck tomorrow.

Cyndy said...

You're all gorgeous!

For your birthday, I wish you..... peace within. Yes... that would be good.


Michelle said...

Thank you all.....

Jac, I NEVER get a photo of me that like....I am not photogenic at all.

So I'll stick with the one that works for me......until a new one that I like comes along anyway.


Michelle said...

Vevay, we have her on natural stuff. Some of it pretty contraversial....and I believe it has given her more time so far and that she has had less pain due to it.

What do you suggest?

Anonymous said...

You are still beautiful! Your family is too.
Happy birthday Michelle! Oh so pleased everyone was together to celebrate your day.

Kathleen said...

Happy Birthday!!!!

Renee said...

Happy Birthday Michelle:

You are absolutely stunning and I see where you get it from. Your Mom is gorgeous too.

Your children are beautiful.

Wow, what a beautiful looking family, every one of you.

Please rest Sunday for your operation on Monday and know I am sending you all kinds of blessings.

Love Renee

Snowbrush said...

Buying you some paint? In America, that would mean the stuff you put on your wall, and it would be an unusual gift indeed. Maybe in the Far South, it means face paint, although that too would be a rare gift since it could be seen as a bit insulting. Then again, maybe you are an artist...

Snowbrush said...

Thanks for visiting.

You're having a hysterectomy, I take it. My wife had that done, and the recovery isn't bad at least. I'll be thinking about you. God bless.