Saturday, March 21, 2009


I've been sleeping

And eating

and then sleeping some more

My mind says do something

but my body says no way

Maybe in a day or so I will finish my painting??

Or start another??

I can manage the stairs and the driveway just fine :)

So that's good....

I would like all the people to go away now please

I could stand a week on my own


Shellibaby is being a bit of a worry......trying to be 25 instead of 15 and thinking she can run away from herself.

Tahni arrived last night.....she tells me to write her a list of jobs I want done.....hee hee she will be sorry for that!

I am boring....

so I think I will go back to bed now



Lisa said...

the first job on Tahni's list its to drive to Aunty Lisa's and ask me for a list, which i will promptly supply.

I know you feel well, BUT, you are also a MARTYR to the 15th degree MICHELLE and so really need to take it easier than you are. ( bloody piscean women !!!)

a dead hero is no fun at all

stop it !!

Daria said...

Rest ... rest ... rest.

Take care of yourself girl.


Cyndy said...

Can I come too???? I mean this in a non-sexual, un-lesbian kind of way.... just as someone who appreciates the pleasures of the bed... doesn't matter how I phrase it, does it? It still sounds a bit off.....

Tahni can swap with me.... plenty jobs here.... me done nothing this week........

Sarah Lulu said...

Sending you love, light and prayers for healing.

Rest well ...I hope you do get plenty of time to relax yourself into wonderful health and lots of beautiful artwork.

Chez said...

So! Bed is good!
For reasons unknown I was unable to leave a Comment last night Michelle.
Do hope the visitors leave you to rest and recover.
Enjoy the beautiful sunshine today

Myst_72 said...

Boring? You? Never!




Evil Twin's Wife said...

Keep getting as much rest as you can get! :-)

Snowbrush said...

My thought is that you're probably doing exactly what you need to do, and that, at some point, you'll feel recharged and raring to go.

Audrey said...

Oh are NEVER boring! And I say stay in bed while you can! Soon enough you will be up and about - relax and enjoy it. And make that list for Tahni!
Big hugs

linda said...

michelle, you seem to be doing pretty well, all things considered! that's good, they must not have cut your tummy or did they? ah well, now it's over, make those girls of yours do the work and you just rest until winter comes.....keep it up as long as you can, sneak off to paint when they're gone and they'll never know you're feeling better!!


Michelle said...

They did cut my tummy...was an abdominal hysterectomy and I'm actually feeling a bit off this afternoon.

Sook :(

Diane said...

Eating and sleeping is good. Rest is good. Taking it easy is good. Feeling better soon is good. Having other people do stuff is good. Be good, you.

And you are NEVER boring.

Butler and Bagman said...

Yes, rest is good. The affect of anesthesia is subtle and not over when you think it is over. Give yourself time. And yes, rest is good. Or did I already say that? About how good rest is. Pretty good.

Renee said...

Sounds like it is nice to have the kids home.

Taking good care of their Mom no doubt.

Love Renee xoxo