Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Just kidding

No more whinging from me for a while

Yesterday got done

I am not anemic, my iron stores are fairly(very) low though so I'll have to take tablets for a while to get em back up. This has happened before due to prolonged copious bleeding, but after Monday this will not be an issue ever again so, yay!

I wont say more about that as I have noticed that the male species gets awfully uptight about these things and we can't have that can we

Today I get to drive for an hour and a half to have a pre op appointment......such fun

I am up at 4 am, which hasn't happened for the last 4 days. Today it is useful though as I need to be out of here by 7.30........yawn

Left my mother in the office yesterday for the afternoon and she went and sold a house on me! Gotta watch her, she's good at this stuff. Actually, there are a few sales on the horizon hopefully and a new listing which is just as well as we have RUN OUT OF MONEY!

Timely indeed, except these things take time to come through and meanwhile, lucky for credit cards I guess.

The problem with the office is that all the new listings have been going to the other agents in the area as they have been spreading the word about mum being sick....this really sucks but what can you do.

The first home buyers seem to be coming out of the woodwork now and the cheaper properties are selling, but we don't have very many left now so arrgghhh.

Oh well.

I have run out of images to upload onto the art blog....this means I will have to go searching through the house to find out where my absent son has put my stuff! Or take more pics of what I have here......

Maybe I will even get to paint in the coming couple of weeks! Woo hoo

I bought ONE nightie yesterday and a couple of pairs of loose PJ's ....bugger nighties, one will do, I should only need one surely, they can't keep a catheter in for long....can they???? Hmmmm, hospital gowns are good for leaking on anyway, This is not about fashion. Pah!

And I also vetoed slippers, too grandma for me, so I got a pair of beaded thongs (flipflops for you foreign people) that are cute and will do!

I am determined to get a new handbag and wallet out of someone for my birthday.....I may just get them for myself...we don't NEED food for a while do we???? I wont be here to eat it :0)

That's enough drivel for now......I have to go wake girls up for school and all that stuff.....groan

Have a nice day lovely at someone today! It's good for you.


Debbie said...

I'm glad the day is behind you and that you are not anemic!

Audrey said...

Good job to your mom for selling the house!
You are right about the anemia - soon, not a problem any more! YEAH!
Yes, please find more pictures to upload. You know that I am a huge fan of your artwork.
Good luck today. Biggest hugs,

Lisa said...

you will need more than one nighty dumbo !!!
pj pants are too tight no matter how loose they are.........

Vevay Anderson said...

I'm glad you cleared up the thong/flip flops thing. I was thinking BEADED! OUCH!

Butler and Bagman said...

I am also glad the day is behind you. I know what you mean about squeamish males...a few years ago (before I discovered Blogspot - lucky for all of you -- I had a small email group of journaling friends and I journaled for three months during a little tango I had with prostate cancer. All the men bowed out. But three of the women hung in for every gory detail. Yea, Women!

Renee said...

sounds like you are good to go.

must have been nice for your Mom to sell the house today.


Natalie said...

Loved the cartoon. He,he.
Power through your day,super mummeee.xx

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I've been on the iron tabs before a few times. They're not bad. And, you got one nightie and two PJ's - that's three of things and in my book, that's just the right amount! Good luck with the sales!

Daria said...

It seems I have to read your post twice because of all the hidden humor or my poor comprehension ... not sure.

Anyways, my sister is an ICU nurse ... the picture is pretty funny. I'll be asking her about that.

Cyndy said...

You will probably have a hospital gown on for the first 12 - 24 hrs, but after that nighties (or loose easy-on/off dresses) are good for a couple of days. You probably won't want to go lifting your legs & rolling around too much at first. Its not really the catheter that is the problem, it's getting in & out of your gear with minimal discomfort, and being comfy the rest of the time. You can keep on with a hospital gown if you want: they're easier when you've got IV fliuds running & PCA pain relief anyway.

love to you xoxoxox

Chez said...

Love the pic!

A lovely change from slippers. Seems like you have everything under control.

Michelle said...

Oh poo Lisa and I have to go change my PJs for nighties in my spare NOT TIME....whinge bitch moan

...just imagining beaded g strings and abdominal surgery....blerk!