Monday, March 02, 2009

Part 2 is up...

Part 2 of the story is up over at Johns place.

Go see!

I am enchanted by this man's writing....

Onto more mundane things

I am absolutely exhausted

My day of rest (HAHAHAHAHA) was spent scraping paint off windows and scrubbing and priming tiles and driving into town and back (twice) and it has worn me to a frazzle

I forgot I had certain muscles......

My little brother has just bought a house and we must have it ready for tenants as soon as possible

I will be out of commission for heavy work after my hysterectomy in 2 weeks time so we are slaving...aarrghhhh

But I quite enjoyed doing it....not enjoying the aftereffects however

Kayla went, with some friends, down to the zoo in Sydney for part of her birthday celebrations...she had a ball ...I had to be the taxi of course

Mum is trying to be positive but has deflated quite a bit

To be expected I suppose, too much to not look forward to

I will be back later I hope

Month end today


Somebody save me!!


Audrey said...

I too am enchanted with John's work and how he is crafting a story from your beautiful art work.

My best, best wishes are going out to both you and your Mom. Be strong, my friend,
Big hugs,

Cynthia said...

Hope you feel strong and heal quickly, Michelle. <3

Lisa said...

i will save you but it will be, i too, feel like crap.......
smooch xx

Hippy Witch said...

I truly wish I could save you. I am thinking of you though, more than you realise. Blessing beautiful sister.