Thursday, March 12, 2009

on and on

4 am starts are wearing me down


Mind you I got the washing done in the dark this morning and cleaned the bathroom too

How boring....

My dog is going dirt cheap here so, if anyone would like a fully pedigreed black cocker spaniel pain in the butt, feel free to apply........comes with all accessories......except testicles :0)

Just kidding but grrrrrrr to naughty hairballs.

My mother just rang all full of beans because she actually slept the whole night through for the first time in a year!

I will not least I go to bed and go to sleep even if I do get up early

Next week I will sleep whenever I want...yay

Today I am tidying up loose ends in this bloody office, as much as possible anyway, and whatever else pops up....

Tomorrow I must go to the tribunal to evict a tenant....this really pees me off, its a really cheap rental and some people are just idiots. I know life gets hard but if they would just communicate and try to do their best then I wouldn't have to go do horrible things to them .......STUPIDS!


I must be a bit cranky today...I have so far told off various female offspring re the fact that money doesn't grow on trees and that if they would like some then I would like some evidence of an actual helpful or useful effort being made........grumpy old cow I am

Now I must go and yell at people ...well, speak in a firm brook no nonsense type of way......and tell them they must pay rent or they will have to sleep in the park.

I am sick of this place. Who'd ever do it by choice....frik

Seems I am whinging again...oops


Lisa said...

baby you are allowed to whinge !

you are approaching a birthday( and an age increase) and surgery in a paper gown, while eviciting naughty non paying people and cleaning up furballs at 4am !!
and its full moon !!!
and you need to find time to coffee with Morgs-o-fur and moi on the morrow.........
and buy nighties before i buy them for you
and sleep with Russell Crowe one last time before your bits are removed (i threw that one in for you- no charge- go wild chicken, its your birthday gift from me !!!)
Yum, Russell Crowe- almost worth getting up at 4am for.
Lisa xxxx

Daria said...

You go girl!

Audrey said...

I am so happy to hear that your Mom slept through the night. I know ALL about those sleepless nights - HATE THEM!

Good luck with the tenants! Hey..maybe THEY would like a dog!

Kathleen said...

I Know about 4am starts!

Thinking about you xxxx

Anonymous said...

The emoional stuff is piling up ....sorry I cant make it to lunch tomorrow but will be in Sydney...down by the pool at the Swiss Grande at Manly ( thanks Cancer Council for giving me a discount!)Fanny Burney has a card from me to you...hugs and kises for your birthday next week and all the best for the nip and tuck more bleeding yay!!!!!w.w.
p.s.will say at prayer at full moon tonight.

Tania said...

dirt cheap rent you say?

evicted you say?

hmmm.....I might be looking for somewhere lol

atleast I pay my bloody rent and am usually over a week in advance, dumbarses

Evil Twin's Wife said...

While I am sorry you have to have surgery, I am glad that you will get to rest up any old time next week! No one should be up at 4 am doing housework, blech!

Abe said...

I really enjoyed your post. Don't know how I got here. I liked the dog tale. You know of course that a lot of men come "that" way too.


Renee said...

What stood out most for me, is that your Mom got a good nights sleep. Yahoo.

Why are you up at 4, and no you don't have to tell me the answer. You are doig too much Michelle.

Love Renee

Chez said...

Michelle, just so much happening for you it seems to me you are behaving very 'normally'
I think Lisa was spot on

Cherie/ Butterfly Dreamer said...

praying for your mom.....

Barry said...

I think whinging it is the only way to get through life, cause you never know what nonsense it's gonna throw your way next.

Keep it Whining!