Thursday, March 26, 2009


Well, I don't know all the facts yet but they want mum to start chemo asap

It is the lung cancer that is creating the problems now and they seem to think it will help with her pain levels if nothing else

They have also given her a script for oxycontin for pain....what can anyone tell me about this drug? I know it is a slow release morphein but thats about it.

She will be worried it will muck her head up so any information will be useful....also with regards to constipation as that is a major issue with her

I will know more later when I speak to Tahni, who, I am sure, will have taken in more than mum did at the appointment......mum would have heard chemo and freaked.....

They also want her to have a bone scan asap...

and so it begins I suppose...


nollyposh said...

Oh i am sorry to hear that X:-(
Know about chemo (Been there done that) but the pain killer i am not sure... i will check with a friend who's mum was on some pain relief for cancer too... (((hugz))) & *kissez* to you & your mum x

Dragonesque said...

...thinking of you and yours...

jewell said...

also thinking of you all hugs xxx

Bee said...

for constipation,colon care,can buy from supermarket it all herbs,honestly good stuff,,,

Lisa said...

i am sure i read on Chez's blog last night about that particular pain relief.........
poor sandra
poor you
still, theya re offerning chemo, so that must mean something, hey ?
is cherie still here ?

Audrey said...

Yup, I can talk about chemo but I was never on pain killers. However, a friend of mine was on Oxycontin - it worked miracles in terms of relieving pain - don't know about the constipation. What has her doctor said about the constipation? When my anti-nausea meds caused constipation, they just had me up the fibre in my diet. But that may interfere with other things for your mom.
I am sending both you and your Mum hugs, thoughts and prayers. Keep well, dear Michelle.

Butler and Bagman said...

Sorry to hear about your mom. Oxycontin is a better choice than Oxycodone. A little less addictive. Both are opiates and, over-prescribed can be hard to get off. On the other hand, if I were in pain, even as a recovering alcoholic and addict, I'd take them for pain. Pain sucks. First things first. I don't know much about the constipation side affect; I'm pretty adept at constipation even without drugs.

Young said...

I wish your mother the best. Oxycontin is indeed for pain. Constipation is a side effect of Oxycontin.
To prevent constipation increase intake of fluids and bulk.

About the chemo, it is to alter tumor growth patterns to treat distant metastases or small cell cancer of the lung and as an adjunct to surgery or radiation therapy.

It is important that she eats well to feel better.

Chemotherapy's side effect is Nausea so chemo should be withheld 2-3 hours before and after meals.

Fluids are important to help kidneys eliminate wastes and the toxins from drugs.

I hope this helps.

Tania said...


I have oxycontin and endone. Oxy is like endone, but oxy is stronger and slow release.
I take it when I'm desperate for pain relief, because it knocks me out, makes me loopy or I fall asleep anywhere including the floor. For me it doesn't take my pain away completely but I'm so stoned I don't notice it as much.

I also truly believe it has affected my memory. I used to have a great memory, I could remember 100's of phone numbers, poems I'd written etc etc but now I struggle with simple things like I can't even remember my daughter's phone numbers which I had memorised and I have trouble remembering stuff from YAAD, and Glain can tell you I completely forgot she was coming to pick up a washing machine from my place.

It gets embarrassing and upsetting and makes my kids a bit annoyed with me, but they understand now.. (I think)

I hope it helps your mum, I told my specialist I would be better off smoking joints, he laughed but I was serious :) (haven't gone there yet though)


Kathleen said...

Thinking about you, thinking about your Mum xx

Is the lung cancer secondary cancer?

Don't have anything to say, just a big hug.

Myst_72 said...

Lots of love to you and your Mum.

I don't know what else to say...

I'm thinking of you both,


Evil Twin's Wife said...

I'm sorry to hear about the chemo, but the oxycontin should take care of any pain. The only thing I know about it is that it's highly addictive and people here in the US get hooked on it and will steal it from those with legitimate prescriptions. Prayers going out for your mom.

Strawberry Girl said...


Now I know why your beautiful art is so full of emotion...

For me easing constipation was trickier than just fier and liquids... I had a terrible bout of it a few years ago when I was eatting a lot of whole wheat. It turned out that I was allergic to wheat and many types of grain. Generally, though eatting whole grain rice is the safest route if your not sure, or even if you just want to give the digestive system a rest. Good digestinal health is an important factor to the rest of your bodies health. To establish digestinal health, look to probiotics (yogurt is an example, but not the only one, milk can cause problems as well if your digestive system is not working well and it is a factor in constipation as well). Raw saurkraut is full of acidopholis (a strain of good bacteria found in the healthy digestive tract, and a strain they put into yogurt), there are other types of beneficial cultured vegetables as well. Yes fluids are important, but I found that no matter how much liquid I drank, I couldn't combat the constipation with fluids alone. I have blogged about this if your interested

There are a few other things that I know to be really helpful. Cilantro - use it in fresh salsa (which is an excellent health food) The cilantro is a blood purifyer, the onions and garlic as well. They also contain a natural pain killer.

I know that tumeric (a yellow powder found in curry, yellow mustard and such) is a powerful anti-cancer herb. Called holy powder in Inda. You can add sprinkle it on your eggs, add it to soup (I like it in my muligatawny soup). It is not hot, it has a mild flavor.

I have heard of people using baking soda and maple syrup in some kind of anti-cancer remedy... but I don't know too much about it.

I used to have a negative perception of herbs and natural healing, but changed that perception as I changed my diet. It took a long time. If this all sounds weird (I hope it dosen't) give it some thought because it couldn't hurt.

I don't know too much about oxycontin except that it is addictive and I took it once during a miscarriage and it completely knocked me out.

I am thinking and praying for you and your mom. I hope you find the help that you need.

~Strawberry Girl

Lisa said...

pregnatress means a person who gives birth to new ideas, thoughts, situations and projects
'michelle is a pregnatress of beautiful spiritual art'

Daria said...

How sad ... my thoughts and prayers are with your mother and you.

linda said...

geez michelle, you can't catch a break to even heal from your surgery...this hasn't been nearly long enough!

oxy is good for pain but i think a duragesic patch is better and change it every 3 days, no pills, etc...constipation is the case for any opiate, so stool softeners, fiber, prunes, apples, whole grains all help but watch out for that...oxy makes me very very ill so, if she has any problems with opiates i would go slow...itching is another common side effect but atarax or allegra can take care of it, even benadryl but it is more sleep-inducing...

blessings to you and yours during this trying time....paint paint paint (if you can, when you can)

Myst_72 said...

Benefiber is a good easy way of increasing fibre - you can sprinkle it in coffee, in cordial, pretty much anything (custard, yoghurt etc).
It has no taste, smell or texture.

The bigger jar is better value.


Diane said...

Keeping you both in my thoughts... xo

Vevay Anderson said...

Fiber, Fluids, and Fitness! Moving your body as much as possible, which I'm not sure how much is, in this case, is very important in battling constipation. Will she be taking it on a routine basis, or only as needed?

Love to you and Momma!