Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Life in general


I have woken at about 4 am every day lately.....its getting annoying

The past week has been a bit of a whirlwind, the office has been quite busy (shock horror!) and we had month end to prepare for and then do. One of the sales fell over but that is how it goes. I may have another, much BIGGER one, which would be timely and nice. Several percent of half a million will keep us out of the fire for a little while.......hmmmmm

We will see.

Mum goes for her cardiogram thingo today, the MRI may take a bit longer as there have to be certain specific alignments of the planets in order for it to happen quickly, apparently.....

Mum herself is in better spirits this week. I think now that the cancer is on the move so is she in a funny sort of way, she has organised for her house to go on the market, with the competition of course, as its too hard to do yourself, and is thinking seriously about other such stuff. The steroids they put her on seem to have made a difference to her energy levels too, early days but she walked somewhere instead of driving yesterday, and it was only across the road and back!

I am realising that I have surgery myself in 11 days! I am not worried about it at all which is a bit weird, it just feels so piddling next to everything else happening around here. I haven't actually had a proper surgery before, just little things, but I handled anaesthetic alright so I presume I will this time too. I'm looking forward to some time out and hoping I'm not in very much pain after the initial body shock. I have a pretty high pain threshold so fingers crossed.

I did realise that I do not own a nightie! Or a pair of slippers! Hmmmmm.......better get a couple I guess, catheters and pyjama pants may not mix.


Any advice on what to expect will be gratefully received.

And its my birthday next Saturday the 14th too...43 years old I will be. And feeling 60. Sigh.

My house is a goddamn pigsty!

How to find the time to fix that before I go to hospital will be a tricky thing.

Better get some slaves in I think.....

Looks like Helen is having a baby today!

How exciting! A new life.

I did wonder if I should be feeling sadness at the loss of my womb.....but I'm not you know.

It has done it's job and done it well and now it needs to go before it causes me anymore strife. And that is that. I will not bleed to death every month for the next 8 years if I don't have to, and I will not carry a growing uterus the size of a pregnancy without a baby in it either. No way.

And having had pre-cancerous cells there years ago, I will be happy to see the end of my cervix as well!

So, that is that....

Now, how will I get up the damn driveway?

I shall have to run a rope up it and pull myself up!


Have a nice day!


Daria said...

You have lots on the go girl ...

Artistic Accents by Darla said...

We both posted dogs pics today! I'm going crazy trying to finish things up for a vacation and you are tying things up in order to have surgery! I will stop complaining NOW! You take care of yourself and I wish I had advice to give you on this procedure, but I haven't been there yet myself.

You seem to have the right attitude though and that's 99% of it right there! And in case I forget, HAPPY EARLY BIRTHDAY!!!

And it's good to hear your mother is feeling good :)

Audrey said...

Happy Birthday! And Happy Hysterectomy day! YES...get rid of that stuff before that damn cancer decides to take up residence. Wise woman, you are!
Thinking of you!

Jen said...

Will have a chat to the planets to see if I can line them up for you!!

Did you see Helen had the baby already?? Wow, she was quick.... gorgeous

Good job all round


Lisa said...

its all happening 'chell bell xx

linda said...

i had this done several years back and will answer any questions you have...just ask! once your body gets used to less estrogen, i don't know if they are taking everything, if not, will feel better not bleeding to death-that's what happened to me and i never looked back and i was younger than you, well, don't worry. glad mom is feeling better too!

it sounds like you have a lot on your plate right now so try to rest up if you can...

Michelle said...

No Linda, they are leaving my ovaries providing they look ok.

Not ready for menopause just yet :0)


Butler and Bagman said...

Wow! That is a lot to face. I said goodbye to my prostate two years ago. I'm not sure what I have to offer except the one thing I did not expect was that after it was over and I was back to "normal", I was hit with a low level but long lasting depression. Some people told me it was after-affects of anasthesia that takes a long time to get out of the system. I kind of thought I had started to like the attention of being sick and was just feeling sorry for myself because I wasn't special anymore and had to get my own soda out of the refrigerator.

Michelle said...

Funny BB....I already have a low level depression I think, due to life in general...I will handle it.

The driveway bothers me.....I have to be able to escape! :0)

Renee said...

Wonderful Michelle. You -- I mean.

I'm glad for your Mom, she can't be counted out yet. There may still be tricks that can work some magic.

I always say 'never say die and live to fight another day, we don't know what will be on the market then.

I love the pigsty, that is what I'm living in too.

The advice I would give about the surgery is have a few days rest, seriously, if you can ahead of time and do not rush anything afterwards.

I agree about getting it out before it causes you any other problems.


Michelle said...




Wont happen....bugger it.

Renee said...

Hillarious. You are too fucking funny. xooxo

Michelle said...

Yes I fucking am aren't I!


nollyposh said...

Good Luck chickie... Would be funny if we are hospitalized at the same time Lol! X;-)