Sunday, March 15, 2009

Oh for ......sake!!

Well, its Sunday

Tomorrow is the big one

At 1.30 I will be signing in to be chopped up

At 3 I will be chopped up

I assume I will be drugged up and in the ward by about 6 all going well...


I don't know what's with my children this week

Shelli has come home with 2 lip piercings (snake bites) that I had EXPRESSLY forbidden.....

She now remembers what her mum sounds like when she is yelling at her

She will not take them out even though I have now confiscated her computer, her phone, her
IPod and her social life for the forseeable future......

We will see who wins this one.....I am patient and I am serious


Soon I will have something resembling a bunch of biker molls taking up all the space in my house

(sorry if you are a biker moll but blog :0))

I am going to mums for some serious dinner tonight...belated birthday and my sister has arrived. Tahni will be here tonight and we're having mums famous Chinese Chicken and fried rice...YUMMO.....and cake, musn't forget cake, it's legal on your birthday :)

And anti biotic, musn't forget that either

Fasting from 6am.......I will be up at 4 am for sure to get some coffee in!!!

And valium, musn't forget valium!!!!!!!

I have made the house presentable sort of

There is nothing in the fridge :)

The dog is clipped and washed and baldy looking

The cat is fat......not pregnant I hope :(

I am not packed but am ready to be packed

I have antiseptic soap goop to wash with in the morning

Did I say arrgghhh????

Oh good.....


That's much better



Renee said...

When this is over I am hoping that you will feel so much more energy and that your blood will rise and you will be done with anemia.


I am praying and sending all kinds of blessings in your direction.


Natalie said...


Enjoy your dinner and that coffee in the morning, love.

Best of luck for your op. tomorrow, if I don't manage to catch you in the morning.xxxxxxxxxxxxoooooooooooooooo

Kathleen said...

Thinking of you all the way!

I will be up at 4am in the morning ... so will have coffee waiting!



jewell said...

will be thinking of you and sending healing your way.. all day love to you xxxx

Snowbrush said...

Valium? YOUR doctor gives his patients valium? What's with that? I mean how lucky can you get?

Goddess bless.

Lisa said...

i will be at the hospital probably wednesday.take care of hiss to shelli baby with lip piercings- naughty shelli baby xx

Butler and Bagman said...

I just sent a prayer in your direction for a relatively painless and complete recovery. Regarding patience and winning with children -- my bet is on your daughter. They can outlast us. And in any contest of wills, remember that they inherited their stubbornness from us so its never a contest we can win.

Jen said...

good luck for tomorrow.

will be thinking of you, and I hope you had a nice cake tonight - we had cake too!!

hugs to you

Myst_72 said...

I'll be thinking of you.

I hope it all goes well.


Barry said...

Wishing you a very routine surgery and a comfortable recovery.

At least your daughter gave you something else to occupy your mind. How kind of her.

Audrey said...

You are a smart woman to get in your coffee before the official fasting begins! I was never that good with the planning and 2 hours into the fast would be regretting my decision to sleep rather than ingest wonderful caffeine! Aaaaargh!
We're with you babe! You are going to feel fantastic when this is all over with. And RELAX while you are given the opportunity. A hospital stay doesn't HAVE to be all bad!!!
Biggest hugs,