Thursday, December 14, 2006

20 things I like about me...

  1. My sense of humour
  2. I am a good friend
  3. I can listen
  4. I will work my butt off if I need to
  5. I will work my butt off if a friend needs me to
  6. I am loyal
  7. I am fair
  8. In spite of everything I can still be innocent in some ways
  9. I am brave
  10. I love well
  11. chocolate (had to throw it in)
  12. My animals love me
  13. I see both sides (frustrating at times when one wants to be right!)
  14. My big hair and my paintbrush
  15. I have GUTS
  16. I will either kill for my kids or kill my kids at any given moment
  17. I don't hold grudges
  18. I can admit I am wrong
  19. I am open minded
  20. I am


Q-TIME said...

In short... you are pewrfect. HEHEHEHEhehe... ;) You have really nice characteristics and that is very nice, 'couse there are a lot of people who doesn't have the same. Bye... ;)

rainbowspirit said...

I like those things about you too... a lot!!!
plus you are wise, are hilariously funny, write excellent blogs and can see right through the forest full of trees to the one tree that needs attention.
luv you
luv, me

Kristy-Lee said...

Here Here!

Excellent Post Mary of the chocolate!


Raihn said...

i LOVE everything about you Mary of the Avalon Barge

Kathleen said...

Beautiful : )

Jewell said...

Great to see you can find so many things you love about go girl :-)

Cyndy said...

You are indeed!!!! <3 u ;)