Thursday, December 14, 2006

I don't understand ....

  • how MaryBOSS keeps on going day after day in that hell hole
  • how I keep going somedays when I have so much to do
  • why hives happen
  • why so many people wait til the last minute to do xmas shopping and then wonder around like assholes being rude and obnoxious
  • why barramundi man is?
  • why I have to wait 29 more days for my licence when I have been waiting for sooooo long
  • why darlin has an ear infection and my ear hurts
  • why houses dont clean themselves
  • why I am not a bottomless money pit
  • french or italian
  • why I am still writing this list when I have no more to say

Tommorrow I sit my drivers knowledge test and book in for my driving test.

I got to sell Barramundi Man a girlie calendar today! Lucky me....

I am an L plate!


Raihn said...

Mary Boss comes back painfully thin, shell shocked, drooling, and stuttering strange sayings like 'plu' 'barramundi' and 'would you like fries with that". Mary Boss then takes until july to recover - thats how !

Kathleen said...

Good Luck for your drivers knowledge test tomorrow!

Bee said...

houses dont care who clean them,thats just the way they are

Raihn said...

yes, good luck tomorrow you gorgeous almost witch mary me grrrr

Cyndy said...

Come drive with me, come drive, let's drive away....with apologies to Frank Sinatra...... ;)

Kristy-Lee said...

Goodest luckest Mary License.


Jewell said...

bestest luck Mary of the "L" plates....ohhh girl calendars should be burnt!!!!
and yes why the hell can tthe house clean it's self i mean really...what else has it got to do!!!

rainbowspirit said...

You will sail through effortlessly!!!
I know, I just know....

Amorah said...

Oh Wise Driving Woman - she who knows the muchest will pass with flying broomstick.
I have hives too :o(