Saturday, December 09, 2006

excellent things

  • being more than big hair
  • hindsight
  • maryBOSSes that stand their ground with yukky people and win!
  • marys who care
  • laybys that are already done and only require picking up........
  • not having to think about what to buy ones kids for xmas anymore
  • drum orders and calender club shifts
  • water
  • coffee
  • contradictions
  • remembering the sequence of cash register buttons under pressure
  • cats who don't pee in drawers they are trapped in all day

Not so excellent things

  • mothers
  • mothers who call on your way to charly and harass you on the bus so you cannot yell at them
  • mothers who KNOW ALL and don't hear and relegate you to small speechless child status in the blink of an eye
  • not being able to speak when one is angry
  • hunger
  • needing to pee when surrounded by 6 deep frantic calender shoppers waving cash and cards....
  • cats who hide in drawers and get trapped and aren't seen for a whole day and thats why they are VERY hungry
  • little fish who die and big ones who eat their eyeballs
  • chocolate
  • mothers ..... plurgh...knowing that to move on one must move through mother type situations and so must continue to relate even though you want to run far far away very very fast and hide where its safe...aaarrrggghhh


Raihn said...

how the hell did the cat get shut in a draw?????? that is a blog posting in itself......also, thirst, yes, am totally dehydrated......glad you survived charly

Romy said...

I suggest you just far away. Mothers neve change, they just get older!

Anchell said...

I suspect so

Rylah said...

OMG - poor lilith!!!

Raihn said...

better to lock mother in a drawer, or at least mobile phone- no wait!! what If I want you ???????stick with mother or pussy .....

Jewell said...

spare a thought for little Hairy Melon who will be sharing house with said mother for a total of 5 weeks....mmmm...will she make it?
remember mothers are who they are for a make determined not to be like them

Anchell said...

I will lock her in a drawer at HER house for sure...then leave quickly.....

Kathleen said...

My mummy came a-visitin' this morning!