Sunday, December 31, 2006

A Happy and Mary New Year to us all!!

Its going to be huge and new and exciting (or not) and I will be driving very very soon.

I will consider a new career in naked mural painting with a tail and stuff 'cause Demitri said so and will support me if I do.....hmmmm

I have purchased ONE single 2 kilo arm weight that my arms shall share in order to get rid of flabby arm syndrome...I will purchase another next week

I will think about going to the gym a lot to work on other wobbly bits and end up walking on the sand at Hat Head and thats all

I know me very well

I will need big arm muscles to lift giant fish out of water when I catch it and darlin' wont be there because he is mad and hates fishing!

I will make a large kaftan for beach wear and leave shorts at home!!

I will feel much less huge next week when it is not that time of the month and I have gone back to normal size (in my head at least)

I still will not care anyway....much


I am dedicating this year to being me, warts and all, and doing what needs to be done.

Excellent indeed

Happy-est New Year to everybody!


Shergar said...

So it is true. 2007 is the year of the wart.
Happy new year gorgeous!
Love S

Anchell said...

Excellent funny man
I am a wart...with big hair.....yay

rainbowspirit said...

warts are good...

happy new year precious...

lotsa luv