Sunday, December 31, 2006

time flows
through all the days
and the endless nights
and in the pondering of tommorrow
I hold no fear
of things past
and times remembered
only to be forgotten once again
in this life
or another
endlessly I float
surrounded by the knowing
and the forgetting
and the secrets of my fear
was it yesterday
I saw you
or will it be some other time
will you know me by my name
what does it mean
this year
this time
this me
somewhere inside
someone knows
that time is irrelevent here


Glove Bunny said...

I am very interested in this blog.

What's this? A burst of poetry? I sure like it. Love the "Pearls of Wisdom"!

-Glove Bunny

rainbowspirit said...

lovely 'chell...

you multi-talented chickybabe mermaidy type person.

Lisa said...

i love this- true, deep and inspiring.......write more dear angel.....

Romy said...

Who is glove bunny?
me is curious??

Anchell said...

I think glove bunny is a 13 yr old boy who likes puppets and computer games. Very on name and go see his blog

Amorah said...

Boootiful Boootiful bootiful! Happy New Year Precious. I am Comin' to play more soon! YAY!

Kathleen said...

Beautiful : )