Tuesday, December 05, 2006


Just letting people know that I will not be running the planned artyfarty workshop this Sunday.

They will start up in the new year when I have had some time to sit and plan rather than wing it and hope for the best!

This will work out better for all concerned.

Me included. I have quite a few commitments at this point and would like to plan a kit for all so that costs are more reasonable and so on.

I will let you know when I do!


Raihn said...

what a wonderful proficient arty farty mary you are.......yes, you should be on a committee or six..

rainbowspirit said...

Please do ArtyFartyMary, please do!!

Anchell said...

Of course....and you all better turn up!

Jewell said...

oh one very sorry to hear Mary....cant wait for your next one....i'll be there with bells on...and other things of course


Kathleen said...

All as it should be : )