Monday, December 18, 2006

I am alive....

I am, I think...

Been a huge few weeks for me. Life has been relentless for me just lately. Not in a bad way, just a very busiest way.

I have not actually had a 'job' for many a year now and it has been good for me to experience working for someone again. Its nice to feel trusted and appreciated and has been very good for my self esteem for sure.

I dont like working for rude angus and robertson book ladies, not at all do I like to be told that I will be UNPAID for my 5 minute toilet and take a deep breath breaks that happen all of 3 times over an entire day! I much prefer maryBOSSES that say quick, go to the loo and have a smoke while you're out there before the next wave of crazy customers comes. Much better indeed.

Today I have been to my mothers (who wasnt there, phew) to visit my beautiful sister and nephew. Twas very nice to see them and we will go shopping (AAARRRGGGHHH) tommorrow which may not be so nice as mother will be coming too. Oh well, I suppose to bury hatchets one must actually spend time with such people...plurgh.
This is nephew, Breock.

What else? Hmmmmm...

Dunno, the days are passing in a sort of blur right now and just doing what needs to be done is exhausting.....still it is getting done so thats good.

CSV is home for 10 days and that is very good.

School is winding down and that is terrible!

Darlin' is a superman and my hero.

Its 25 days till I get my license, I refuse to entertain any other possibility as I am a good and safe driver and will be just fine on the day for sure. I will have a driving lesson too, just to be sure. I can be sensible when the need arises!!

Saturdays work effort killed 6 of my beautiful nails so I have given up on nails for now.....binned and good riddance. Nothing wrong with stumpy fingers for sure!!!

My mary car got to go for a decent drive today to Tanilba Bay and has proven herself to be of superior driving skills...excellent. Darlin' is impressed so thats good. She has guts and good steering and brakes and is very beautiful too. Except for big bird poo on wind screen that I am too scared to wash off in case I cause a hurricane or some such thing....

Ummmm, I think thats just about is a blur but all is well.



Bee said...

cute nephew

Cyndy said...

It's the same all over, isn't it?????
Your nephew is divine!!

Love to you and yours :0)

Raihn said...

all sounds grounded in reality my angel.......keep going, dont look down.......

Rylah said...

your nephew is gorgeous - a little angel!

considering what happened last time you washed mary, nope, the bird poo stays!


Kristy-Lee said...

What a cutie! Nephew is lovely too.

Naughty Angus and Robinsons.

Time for portable bubble for sure!

Glad you are alive.


Anchell said...

actually nephew is a little ba**ard but much cute for sure!

Kathleen said...

I know that picture ... it is used as the World Card in my Tarot of Transformation Deck!!!

It is like all "outstanding" issues are coming to a head so that you can have closure before moving on to bigger, brighter, better things ... a brand new you, especially the new independance from getting your licence back!

rainbowspirit said...

in my experience, the biggets challenges are always the really cute ones - i have one of those!!!
Driving test will be easy, one lesson is a good idea even though you may have to sell a child to afford it, i have a friend who is a driving instructor. She is good if you want her number.
luv me

Romy said...

You are very excellent staff indeed!