Monday, February 02, 2009

month end

Am doing month end today...blerghle

Thank frik its only once a month

Am a bit blah due to other things that come once a month


Anyhoo, I had a nice day yesterday despite the power being out for half the day due to a tree falling on the whatever that supplies the power to the peninsula here....

I painted!

Started one, finished (maybe) 3 small ones, and stretched paper onto 2 more frames to be ready for another 2.

I am over being non productive and non artyfarty.....the world out there is overtaking me and I WILL have something to exhibit sometime this year!

I am back.....sort of

Thos feels pretty good.

Im thinking there has been some full on energies lately that are bringing lots of things to a head for lots of people lately.

I would like to assure them that this is necessary and will pass and that life will be different and better afterwards if they can just hang on to their sanities and just get through it. I know this because I am living it....but believe what you will.

I have been living in a 'suspended' state for the past 16 months and am well aware of what this feels like. My secret for getting through it is to just do one day at a time and let the larger picture take care of itself. After a couple of months of this you would see what I mean because life goes on and other people must do what they do regardless and it really has no bearing on us anyway. We are only meant to be doing 'our bit'. Hope that makes sense for someone...:)

It occurred to me recently that just hanging around waiting for the inevitable to happen, and it will, is not getting me anywhere so I need to do stuff for me in the meantime. Even if its only little stuff.....I will still be here afterwards and I will still have to live each day and nothing will change that. So, acceptance and a little joy or peace or distraction thrown in here and there will be a good thing.

I know what I mean anyway...

Meanwhile, I must get month end over with today, so....onwards

Hi ho hi ho.......xxxxxxx


Lisa said...

yes to all
boo to months end and periods that dont end
thank GOD you are painting, its wonderful shell, really xxxxx

Cyndy said...

I understand completely.

Love to you.... and your arty fartyness <3

Natalie said...


Good words, Chelle. Yay! for painting. At this rate, you girls will send Marky and I back to the poorhouse with all this arting and farting. xx

Jen said...

Yay to painting.... Yay for doing something for you.....

Yay for you xoxo

Rylah/Jacqui said...

Glad you're painting again. I think we need to do what makes us sane to keep ourselves sane.... no matter the sacrifices.

Please post some piccies when done... pretty please?