Wednesday, June 03, 2009

22 Things that make me go ooh...ooh..ooh

By Susan Seddon Boulet

  1. Watching my girls laughing hysterically at something silly till they are helpless puddles, something I see a bit of these days :)
  2. Babies smiles...obligatory...with snot or without :)
  3. Sunset over the water
  4. Giraffes in the mail :)
  5. A particular hue of blue....changes on any given day
  6. Somebody catching me by surprise and making me giggle like an idiot
  7. Dante's Prayer by Loreena MacKinnett (?)
  8. Saxophone...oooh ooooh oooooooh
  9. Incense and candle light
  10. Walking along the beach where the sea meets the sand......sigh
  11. Rainforest, with no people in it
  12. Blue dragonflies
  13. Eyes...beautiful eyes
  14. Standing under a giant full yellow moon.........nothing quite like that really
  15. Frogs...little green ones
  16. Puppies.......sucker for a puppy I am
  17. Talking to my boy online
  18. Being sucker punched by a poem
  19. Purple.........
  20. When the paint just flows..
  21. Making a difference occasionally
  22. Love, of any variety, freely given, gratefully received
Notice that chocolate is NOT on the list :)

Have a nice day people and watch out for the ooh moments won't you :)


Anonymous said...

Oh, I love your list! I felt very serene as I was reading through it. Interesting, because the first one about the guffaws made me laugh out loud, and then I settled in and absorbed the calmness of the list!
Thanks for that!

Linda S. Socha said...

Wonderful list of so many of my favorites too!

Strawberry Girl said...

One of the most amazing things to me about you Michelle is that you are this full, exciting, beautiful woman!! You are at this point that I am striving for. :D

I hope you know that about yourself, that your amazing!!

I like your list as well.

(PS- I like dark chocolate, but I don't live for it. I actually hated chocolate as a little girl ;p)

Daria said...

11 is my favorite ooh.

Natalie said...

I love your list, it is beautiful.xx♥

Evil Twin's Wife said...

So many of my favorites as well - especially purple!

Bogey said...

You have a great eye for art and colour. I see some kind of transformation in the art, almost like the morphing of an Angel to a Woman or Vice versa. Brilliant, just like your selections of things that warm your heart. Stay connected to your "ooh moments" too. :) xx

Lisa said...

and no one has mentioned 17 yet ?

btw- you forgot me- i make you go oooooo or something like that