Sunday, June 28, 2009

Dialogue in blue....

Something special happened to me today :)

As it does when you are sticky beaking here in blog land....

It went as follows and I'm sharing because it's lovely

and it made me happy, on top of my happy :)

Please check out Christopher's blog

He's a special kinda guy

(he's in purple, I am Blue.....and of course I bow to the masters)

I love this stuff

It just proves to me, yet again, that we are all one, all connected

and all we have to do is touch it.......

from yesterday

Half A World

All so far away,
might as well be galaxies,
at least half a world
to you from where I
sit trying to gather in
the essence of you,
of your passage through
days and days.

I look at what
you have left behind
for me and from it
claim I'd know you anywhere,
if you called my name.

you may remember this one

on the other blog

time flows

through all the days

and the endless nights

and in the pondering of tomorrow

I hold no fear

of things past

and times remembered

only to be forgotten

once again

in this life

or another

endlessly I float

surrounded by the knowing

and the forgetting

and the secrets of my fear

was it yesterday

I saw you

or will it be some other time

will you know me by my name

what does it mean

this year

this time

this me

somewhere inside

someone knows

that time is irrelevant here

The Angel's Flight

The blue angel flew.
The air awoke at her touch
and began to spin,
glowing spiral clouds
running before and behind
her flight above worlds,
all the tangled worlds
she passed in wonder, amazed
at the small flightless
folk who groaned below

and her tears, bright lights, began
to fall like fine rain.

The earth sighed
and the poetry
like rain
cried through
the eye
of a howling storm
and nothing
be the same.....

How cool is that?

I love blogger!


Kathryn Magendie said...

Just so beautiful here ... the words, the art.....breathtaking!

Anonymous said...