Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Feelin' possimistic!

Tahni and my sister ....seefooding

Oh yay....month end is finally done and posted

That was soooo the worst one ever!

Me, I am here in my kitchen, listening to some old and very cool music and dancing like a dervish!

Well, on the inside anyway :)

I have a painting on the hob.....woohoo

And such a funny child who cracks me up every day with her silly self

And the other child who 6 weeks ago couldn't get out of bed is running on the treadmill

and has been to school everyday this week so far and plans on going tomorrow too!

How blessed am I!

So, that's my day for you

not over yet

but I am happy

I like happy

In spite of my poor mum feeling like shit

(but not as bad as last cycle so far)

I am one with my world today

and that my friends

is how I will survive it



I have lost 4 kilos (about 9lbs you yanks and poms :) my pants are a bit longer


I went to the doctors today and got a script for Champax

which I will fill tomorrow

and start taking soon

in preparation for the 15th of this month

which is the day I will start to be a non smoker


I may need some positive energy sent around about then :)


watch this space


Hippy Witch said...

Positive energy on the way, go for it

Jen said...

Oh wow Chelle, it is awesome to hear things are so positive. Possimistic even!!! (go Travis)

I will be your BIGGEST cheer squad member re champix. GO YOU!!! You can do it.. too easy. If I can do it, anyone can.

All in all, a wonderful pist@@


Bogey said...

It's nice to read the laughter in your words. Taking a bite of the apple of life is a good thing! You will have all of the support and encouragement you will need for any transition you choose to make. You can doooo iiiittt! xxx :)

Midlife, menopause, mistakes and random stuff... said...

I love the dancing like a dervish......even if it is in your head, lol.
You can do anything with that positive outlook Michelle........ANYTHING!!

Steady On
Reggie Girl

Cynthia said...

Michelle, so good to hear you are cheerful and riding on the waves of joy...and what a wonderfully positive step to quit all the are surrounded in love, joy and constant support...Love to you <3

Myst_72 said...

Yay Michelle!

You will beat me then, I'm starting champix on the 30th June....

My goodness we'll be all smoke free :)
Think of the money we'll save eh!


Anonymous said...

Sending positive energy! I quit many years ago - not easy, but I do appreciate what you will be going through.

LOVE the "take a left" t-shirt! Need to get me one!

Love that you were dancing around, even if it was only in your heart and mind! That is a good place to start!

Glad your Mum is having a bit of an easier go this time around!

Butler and Bagman said...

You sound great! I'm happy for you.
My only problem yesterday and today is the second hand on the clock which is moving way too fast.

Daria said...

Hopefully you mom and you will have a great cycle ...

Strawberry Girl said...

Way to go Chelle'!!

I believe in you girl!! You can do it. :D

(and I will send a lot of positive vibes your way) :D

jewell said...

will be sending heaps of positive energy your way...

way to go Shell

nollyposh said...

Oh yes a gOOd day X:-)