Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The Call

Been pondering....oh oh, I hear you groan......

I've come to see that sometimes we don't hear what the universe is trying to tell us

That we get lost inside our everyday mundane, settling for average because average is more than some people get after all and far too often the song of the siren drifts on by, without us ever having heard a note

Then, maybe, sometime, a lot later on, we sit and wonder why, why we feel so empty....

One day if we are very lucky, perhaps it calls again.........calling from far away, a beautiful tone...a pure clear note that makes your heart sit up and shine

and we don't know what it says....

but we do know that it sings for us....

What do we do?

Will we go?

Will we follow our heart to the place the siren sings?

Will we trust that the universe is showing us a reality unlike any we ever dreamed of, a reality that was meant for us all along?

Or do we stay, 'safe' in our invisible coffins woven from fear and from ignorance

and let our hearts keep breaking silently?

What do you do people?

Do you dream?

What do you dream of?

If it came and stood right in front of you, would you recognise it?

Would you think you deserved it?

Do you hear the siren call?

Will you go?

Will you?

I can hear it calling me

and this time, this time I'm listening oh so closely to the words of the song

and when it gets here

I will go


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! Yes, follow the sirens song!
That was really so lyrical! Ms Michelle, me thinks you are a wee poet!

Lisa said...

yes you will
across time it calls
and if it can do that
then distance is no barrier at all

Linda S. Socha said...

Beautiful and incredibly true Michelle...and I will send blessings on your leave taking

Bogey said...

Perhaps the reason your heart sat up and shone was because you have tossed aside the restraints of your entombment from your heart and are free again. Thus, allowing your eyes to see and your ears to hear the sweetness of the sirens song whispered in your ear to ensure you don't let it slip by again. Trust the universe; it knows you are deserving or it would not have returned.

Snowbrush said...

I wait with bated breath to see what it's telling you. If it says go to North Korea, you will know that it's ONE voice you DON'T want to listen to (ha).

Natalie said...

I heard, I left confines, I jumped in scared as hell, sick as hell, swam like hell~ thanks to you, kept jumping in as opprtunity knocked, found it,knew it,grabbed it, and now I treasure it.
This time you will know and go.xx♥

Strawberry Girl said...

Yes so true, follow your heart Michelle. :D

Kerry said...

So true.

So beautiful your words.

When it is time.

Follow the song.

Follow your heart.

And love that you trust in yourself enough to do it.

nollyposh said...

oh sighhhhhhhhh...
i see what you mean
it is a siren call

Diane said...

This was beautiful!

I'm always afraid it's been calling but my ears are stopped up and I can't hear it... or Ryan's incessant chatter has drowned it out... or the TV is on...

And it's just given up.

I worry about that a lot, actually.


Evil Twin's Wife said...

I need to listen more closely. :-)

Debbie said...

I can't wait to find out where it leads you.

Michelle said...

Me either :)

Renee said...

So beautiful Michelle. Please do go with it Michelle.

I don't hear it at all anymore.

Love Renee xoxoox

Cyndy said...

Oooh... be careful when listening to those sirens: didn't you watch "Supernatural" this week? nasty things, those sirens..... I remember the old mythology... empty promises...didn't do Sinbad any good.... fraught with peril....

Of course, these are just stories..

loves you xoxoxoxo

Faith said...

Oh Michelle, beautiful words. I think I need to stop and listen :).