Saturday, June 13, 2009

bit of fun

At Kayla's and Shelli's request

please go see the singing dog

Chandi Springsteen with the Rod Stewart do!

Hilarious from this end!


Snowbrush said...

And a very soulful looking dog is he!

Natalie said...

Gotta love him. :D

Sarah Lulu said...

I like the way at the end of the ooohoooooo he looks quite smug!

Kerry said...

That is so adorable.

headback and sing baby puppy....let it all come out.

Nothing like a karaoke puppy... that is cute as well.

Love it, love it, love it.

put my 3 in, and we have a puppy choir.

Butler and Bagman said...

I am so glad that there still time and room for hilarity in your world.

Faith said...

Hilarious from this end too!!! Thanks for the laugh. We have tried to get one of our dogs to "speak" but without much success and they never howl. What an expressive pup you have:)

Cynthia said...

Cute! Thanks for the chuckle, Michelle. <3

Renee said...

Please tell the girls I'm trying but it won't let me in.

Beautiful dog.


Strawberry Girl said...

So funny!! and I love the hairstyle. ;p