Sunday, June 14, 2009

sniffles on a sunday

Am feeling a bit fluey.......grrrrr to people who go out and cough on other people when they are sick!

I will NOT have it universe!!!!!!!!!!

Am tired and am trying to paint a new painting

Have dreaded aunt installed at mums for the week

Have 4,000,000 things to do this week

Am bloody cold and sick of it!

I need a new gas heater....this one doesn't blow

Have car rego coming up

And a son who returns in a couple of months

Have a Shelli who has kicked arse in the energy stakes this past fortnight!

Have a dog who howls to Springsteen.....

Had yummo curry and Meatloaf songfest last night with assorted relatives which was funny

Need more daggy trackydacks and ugh boots whose bottoms have not come off........

Must clean something in this house...will prioritise and maybe just do the bathroom

Am wondering where to get a turbo charged, jet propelled broomstick

Am feeling grateful for synchronicity

and serendipity

and also kinda content to let the universe have it's way for now :)


Just for today

I am okay

and grateful

for stuff

and for you

yes, YOU

oh okay, and you too



Natalie said...

Rest a little if you can, today.
Have as much as a 'me' day as possible.
Dunno about you, but doing the bathroom is the worst job in my books.Sadly, it and the kitchen, seem to get the yuckiest fairly quickly. Sigh. Good luck with it. :D xx

Strawberry Girl said...

Your rockin the world Chelle' and the world's rocking back. ;D

Take it easy if you can (as Natalie said).

As for the cleaning thing, I tend to roam about cleaning this and that as I go. Never quite clean, and always things are askew... (think it's the kids) ;p

Sarah Lulu said...

Me too having a sick grateful day ...are we soul sisters?

Snowbrush said...

Grateful for me? Even me? So, if you're sick, and your dog is howling to Springsteen; is that good, or is that bad?

Anonymous said...

Hope the flu doesn't hit you too hard Chelle. If you're tired and run down (which is a no-brainer), your immune system is always weaker than normal, so you're more likely to pick something up.

Glad you're aunt is up... (despite the dread) hopefully you can get the things sorted that have been piling up.

Keeping you and your mum in my prayers xxxxx

Anonymous said...

Ooooohhh crappy colds and the people who spread them!
You need rest, my friend. How about taking a "Michelle" day - don't say that you can't! Simply hang a "Back in 24 hours" sign around your neck, and every time someone tries to talk to you/tell you their problems/cough on you - just smile and point at the sign!

Sarah Lulu said...

Ohhh I'm stealing that ..yes we are ..riding the same wave.

nollyposh said...

awwhhh and me? (((Hugz))) Sure is an up and down world at the mo that's for sure! x

Butler and Bagman said...

A little flu is no surprise, your body connected to your mind, struggling. And yet you start a painting. You are in the midst of great struggle, and are much loved.

Lisa said...

as long as there are no swine involved you can have a little flu- a broomstick ? yes, i could probably arrange that.

Barry said...

And I'n very grateful for you too!

Kathryn Magendie said...

is that your painting up there? If it is - if it is - WOW...what a gift you have - oh, it's like a nebula, a galaxy, a storm...

if you didn't paint it - well, I still love it *laugh*

christopher said...

Michelle, from this side of the lake, where I look at the ever growing piles of "I don't know where this goes!" Throw something away...

If The Boss sings just right and the dog joins in, there's a message in it.

Linda S. Socha said...

Time for time out for your M.. You deserve it!.. Hope your rest is long and your recovery is quick..Consider just cleaning a bit of something...if it is important to YOU