Monday, June 15, 2009

drivel and dribble

I am in a babbling kind of silly want to talk to someone type of mood tonight

at least I would be if I could just


and if there was someone here.......that would help too

fruggen dentist and friggen needles x 2 and drilling x 374655 bits and filled x 2

I have dribbled my tea and am now sitting quietly with a head ache and my mouth shut

(at least I think it is shut)


Mum survived her transfusion, she said it hurt!

Hoping she has some life in her tomorrow

I survived the dentist

and the soliciting idiots

and have eaten thoughtfully donated stew with a half dead mouth, instead of the steak I randomly bought this morning forgetting about the dentist.

Yes, I eat dead cow every now and again, I need the iron and I LIKE IT......don't shoot me!

Am in a funny kind of mood

the dog ate my best fishing hat

which wouldn't be so bad if he hadn't already eaten my second best one

my painting is looking at me and I am not in the mood for it yet

music is playing

I am tired

but wired


So looking forward to my dental visit next month


and I might say that 100 mg of Champix is different to 50 mg of Champix

in that you want to puke for twice as long as you did before

and not in that I suddenly have no desire for a ciggy

goodnight people


Anonymous said...

Oh my! What a day! Hope that you have a lovely sleep Zzzzzz.

Natalie said...

Cold Turkey?
I comiserate with dentist woe. I broke my last, intact, molar yesterday, and now have to go back to torture chamber for another crown valued at $1000 plus.
Lots of needling required. Sob,sniff.Argh.
You are still invited for cake - providing we can both still eat it. :D xx♥

Bogey said...

Okay Michelle.....breathe in.....breathe out....repeat as many times as necessary. A) either until you relax and regain your centre or B)until you pass out. So what if things are a bit cluttered. You can play catch up with that later. Trying to quit smoking, take care of your mother, your kids and hat eating dogs, I would need more than a BB gun. You sound like the energizer Bunny! You need your painting so don't knock your needs. Take care of you once in awhile.

Sarah Lulu said...

G'night ....thinking of you.

Jen said...

awww... poor Chelle!!!

Dentists are masochistic barsteads.

Yay for donated stew.

Remember my story that at day 11 i just suddenly went 'nup'. and yes, 100mg is nausea intensified. Worth it though in the end. You will be a sweet smelling non smoker like me!!! :) (do you want to punch me yet??)

Love you

Lisa said...

poor you bloody dentists
tomorrow will be better

Butler and Bagman said...

Nothing like a half-deadened dentist mouth -- wondering if I'm drooling or not. Which reminds me, I've been really bad about skipping my last check-up and getting lazy about brushing. Just a quick taste of toothpaste and spit. I'll only have myself to blame.

Evil Twin's Wife said...

Ahhh, the joys of dental torture. Hope your mouth feels better soon!

Renee said...

The good news is you are getting them fixed and all that will be behind you soon.

How come your Mom's transfusion hurt? Do you know what her hemoglobin is at?

Love Renee xoxoxo

Renee said...

None of it is easy Michelle and your poor Mom.

I also wanted to mention before I forget again. I love Tahni's drum.


Debbie said...

You and your mom are both troopers! Good for you for being so strong.

Renee said...

Thanks Michelle.

Poor Bella today what a loss.

Love Renee xoxo

Daria said...

Thinking of your mum ...

Kerry said... sure they are just people who love to torture hidden behind a uni degree. How could anyone like that job??

Hope the dribble is over today.

And that your mum feels ok.

So many things going on in your life, and your giving up smoking.

Make sure you have time for you.

The hat eating dog....grrrrrrr to that too, i know it gets worse before it gets better....but apparently, looking at my older DOES eventually get better.


Strawberry Girl said...

Ouch!! OUCH!! I Hate dentists as well!! Though I have made my peace with them (and found a good one, the one I had while I was growing up was terrible).

I know the mood, ya wan't to talk, but ya' can't... oi'

Good thing about the no desire for ciggy bit ;D

Myst_72 said...

Well done with the Champix :)

Thinking of you,